'Queens' Episode 8: Jill's jilted ex-husband Darren revealed to be the shooter

'Queens' Episode 8: Jill's jilted ex-husband Darren revealed to be the shooter
Emerson Brooks as Darren in 'Queens' (ABC)

Spoilers for 'Queens' Episode 8 

ABC's 'Queens' has been high on drama and glamor as the fierce group of women prepares for a world tour. None of them are the women they were at the start of the series as the group is almost at the cusp of achieving their long-lost star status.

The family drama was strife with Brianna (Eve) having a hard time managing her growing career and kids, Valeria's (Nadine Velazquez) mom who was revealed to be a con artist, and Eric (Taylor Sele) and Jojo's (Precious Way) new father-daughter equation but things got worse after a shooter injured Eric and Brianna. Read on to know what happened in the finale of 'Queens'.


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In the seventh episode of 'Queens', we saw Eric and Brianna get fatally shot after an unknown shooter attacks them on the street. While Eric was hit on the shoulder, Brianna was affected more and left unconscious. The eighth episode sees the two of them being taken to the hospital, with their situations looking extremely tense. Although Eric is declared out of danger, Brianna's life is uncertain.

The second most important thing was the identity of the shooter. The detective that investigated received a list of suspects from the ladies. Jill (Naturi Naughton) gave her ex-girlfriend Tina's (Felisha Terrell) name, Valeria suspected the con woman Valentina while Lauren revealed that it could be Jadakiss since Eric was beaten up before he arrived and owed him money. After further investigation, Valeria and Jill's suspects were crossed off the list with Jadakiss himself showing up and confirming that he would not go that far.

As Brianna went into surgery, the adrenaline builds as the detective reveals that they found out the identity of the killer from a CCTV Camera. Meanwhile, Jill, who was praying for Brianna in the chapel, met her ex-husband Darren (Emerson Brooks). Although he had seemingly moved on from Jill, the man clearly was off his rockers as he revealed himself to be the shooter. Saying it was God's plan that she didn't have a child with him and that it was God's plan that Jill didn't get shot. As the man menacingly yet calmly approaches Jill she freaks out but before she can run, he starts choking her. With her eyes rolled up it looked like things were about to have a bad end but she grabs a candle holder and smashes it across his head knocking him unconscious just as the rest of the women along with the police burst in and take him into custody.

The episode ends on a hopeful yet sad note with Jill blaming herself and Brianna's monitor beeping again after a flatlining.

'Queens' airs Tuesdays at 10/9 C on ABC.

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