'Queendom 2': Not Hyolyn, Loona, or VIVIZ but WJSN shocked fans by winning Mnet show

'Queendom 2': Not Hyolyn, Loona, or VIVIZ but WJSN shocked fans by winning Mnet show
WJSN aka Cosmic Girls take the win for Mnet's girl group survival show, 'Queendom 2' (Starship Entertainment)

The Mnet survival show has come to an end and the results are just as shocking as the previous episodes of the show had been. ‘Queendom 2’. The girl group survival show started with six groups at first but it seems like fans had made up their minds that this season was not for the rookies. The first season of ‘Queendom’ aired in 2019 and the four-member girl group, Mamamoo took the winning title home. From the get-go, fans of ‘Queendom 2’ had their hopes set on acts like Hyolyn, who has been a powerpacted performer from as early as the first episode of the show.

The limelight also moved to the girl group Loona who became one of the most impressive groups on the show who started from the bottom and slowly made their way to the top all thanks to their performances and the love they got from fans. VIVIZ, a girl group made of former GFriend members too was one of the top contenders on the show so much so that fans of ‘Queendom 2’ are very dejected after their loss. Despite the fierce competition from all the groups on the show, the finale saw the two girl groups, WJSN (Cosmic Girls) and LOOΠΔ (Loona) fight tooth and nail to make it as the winning team in the show.


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WJSN are the winners of ‘Queendom 2’

Even though the girl group survival show was not rated highly in South Korea itself as Nielsen Korea recorded less than 1% in viewership for the show, it seems like the show was popularized by International fans who kept talking about the show on social media platforms. In addition to the two teams, 'Queendom 2', which competed with a total of 6 teams including BVG, Hyorin, Brave Girls, and Kepler, stayed at less than 1% in viewership throughout the broadcast (Nielsen Korea count). However, it was a topic of discussion among social media and overseas fans.

The characteristic of idol programs that focus on the global market rather than the domestic market was continued in 'Queendom 2'. The Brave Girls, who have risen to the ranks of popular girl groups in Korea as 'Rollin' ran in reverse, said, "I want to be known to overseas fans more through 'Queendom 2'. Taking home the winning trophy this year, Cosmic Girls aka WJSN shocked many fans who did not expect the 2016 girl group from Starship Entertainment to be the winners of the show with younger and more popular acts in competition with them.


Labelmates rush to support WJSN

Cosmic Girls performed ‘Aura’ a single self-composed by WJSN’s leader and rapper Exy (Chu So-jung) who was particularly emotional after the win as she sobbed on stage. Despite the girl group bagging their well-deserved win on the show, fans of the other contestants are shocked and displeased by the win. Meanwhile, other than their upcoming concert, 'Wonderland', WJSN have also announced their new comeback that will drop in July of 2022. 

While fans expressed their displeasure with WJSN, the girl group was supported by many K-pop idols who asked their fans to vote for the girl group on the show. Members from IVE and Cravity who are labelmates with WJSN promoted the girl group on social media while former Starship Entertainment idol and member of Monsta X, Wonho also took to his Instagram to ask fans to help Cosmic Girls win by voting for them. It seems like “What Wonho wants Wonho gets” because he was also seen supporting the dance crew HolyBang when they won the previous Mnet survival show, ‘Street Woman Fighter’.


‘They deserve this win’

One fan said, “Seriously??? They always look cool, even though I just found out about WJSN during Queendom.” One fan said, “We are just joking when we say wjsn have 7 fans but i think some of yall took it seriously.” One fan called out the haters saying, “WJSN was in top 3 for the whole show yet u wanna say it was rigged.” One VIVIZ fan said, “I'm not mad at the results wjsn deserves that win. i'm so happy for them and viviz won 3rd is not bad they're still top 3 and i'm proud of my girls!”

One fan said, “She got hate for breathing in the screen of queendom, she was so worried for the mental and physical health of every member, she worked her ass off for this program, she produced and composed their last song. she deserves so much this win.” One angry Loona fan said, “I’​​m sorry this is absolutely embarrassing . Not only does it invalidate WJSN’s win but it’s just unfair to LOONA. Im sorry like, loona would have bagged 4-10k just from r1 like every other group.” One fan said, “WJSN won queendom? Yas global queens slay! Whores of the month better watch their horse hair weaves cuz they're coming to snatch!”








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