‘PWAPF’: Fatou to drop solo music amid group concerts, Blackswan fans say 'finally'

‘PWAPF’: Fatou to drop solo music amid group concerts, Blackswan fans say 'finally'
Fatou to drop her first solo mixtape 'PWAPF' on August 19 (@b_fatou_s/Instagram)

The last few weeks have been a rollercoaster for Blackswan fans. The girl group piqued K-pop Twitter’s curiosity after it was announced that they would add two new members including the first Indian K-pop idol Sriya. While fans were excited, it was followed by the news of the only two Korean members Youngheun and Judy leaving the group. Fans were worried for Fatou who was close to them and was left with two new members and Leia who had allegedly tried to ruin her career. But things are looking up as we are getting Fatou’s solo music and concerts.

In early 2022, Leia’s fans had claimed that Fatou had bullied her. With the latter being the only active Black idol, fans pointed out the racist intent. Even Fatou slammed back by claiming that Leia was manipulative. The matter was never resolved with the label DR Music simply claiming cultural differences. However, things are looking up for Blackswan, as Fatou is set to drop her first solo mixtape 'PWAPF' which will be followed by a couple of group concerts in Europe and Japan.

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Fatou to drop solo mixtape

On August 4, it was announced that Blackswan’s main rapper Fatou will be dropping her first piece of solo music through a mixtape in August. It has been reported that Fatou will be releasing ‘PWAPF’ on August 19 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET) and will be available on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more. At the same time, Blackswan is also working on their first comeback with the new members. They will also be heading to Belgium for 2022 K-Pop World Festival in Brussels and Japan for solo concerts being held in September followed by a group comeback.

Fans also got more details on Fatou’s first mixtape. ‘Castle Key (ROLL)’ is the title track. Along with the title track, there are two more songs in the mixtape – ‘Gucci (PWAPF)’ and ‘Lingo (Stunna)’. The album title ‘PWAPF’ is short for ‘Psycho with a Pretty Face’ with Fatou wanting to deliver a catchy yet unpredictable message through her individual music style. The Blackswan star has also participated in writing and composing all of the tracks in the album along with R&B singer and producer Leanon.

‘I’ll be living’

Fans are excited as they trended Fatou and Blackswan on Twitter. One fan tweeted, “But finally we are getting some solo music from Fatou.” However, one fan was sad, “This is my exact thoughts omg 😭 like I wanted them to perform in countries like Japan as well as have a comeback. And now they are finally doing all of this exciting stuff but heunie and Judy won’t be there for it all.” Another fan shared, “Oh, I think I'll be living for Fatou's upcoming mix tape "PWAPF! Not only that but BlackSwan will be also performing a concert in Belgium and Japan!”

One fan wrote, “Blackswan and Lumina are finally about to get things. we’re about to get a mini album, a comeback, multiple concerts, fatou’s mixtape, etc. I am so happy for shreya, Fatou, and gabi. but It’s also bittersweet because I wish Judy and Youngheun could’ve experienced this as well.” Another commented, “Seated for ms fatou’s mixtape.”






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