'Property Brothers: Forever Home': Who are Jen and Alex? Here's how Drew and Jonathan helped them

Jonathan and Andrew Scott come together to give this Los Angeles based couple a renovated home by blending the '40s charm with Scandinavian aesthetics

                            'Property Brothers: Forever Home': Who are Jen and Alex? Here's how Drew and Jonathan helped them
Jen and Alex from 'Property Brothers: Forever Home' episode titled 'The Future Looks Bright' (HGTV)

Jen and Alex, a couple from Los Angeles California owned a house that had a lot of charm but lacked the functionality. They were attached to their house because it was the only place their kids Lucas and Layla had living memory of and the couple wanted to continue making memories in the same home. "A couple loves the vintage character and features of their 1940s Los Angeles home, but its closed-off layout is no longer functional for their growing family. Drew and Jonathan help them make a clean transformation that embraces both the past and present," reads the official summary of the episode. Continue reading more for what the episode entails. 

Jen and Alex purchased this house that was built in the '40s for its charm, good bones, and for vintage touches like the original chime doorbell and the built-in linen closets. These were the aspects that made Jen and Alex fall in love with the house. The childhood sweethearts wanted to retain the original charm of the house but at the same time wanted a modernized home renovation. A Scandinavian mid-century modern makeover was what the couple was looking for. 


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Jen and Alex in an episode titled 'The Future Looks Bright' from 'Property Brothers: Forever Home' (HGTV)

Who are Jen and Alex on 'Property Brothers: Forever Home'?

Jen and Alex are childhood sweethearts who got married to each other at age 25 and had their kids at 30. Apart from their day jobs, they also volunteer for and are really tied to a Sports for Kids community in their neighborhood, which is another reason for them to continue living in the same house. They just needed a full renovation that would suit the needs of their growing kids.

Jen and Alex's '40s home 

Jen and Alex were absolutely sure they wanted to continue living in the same home but it came with a number of challenges. First things first, the kitchen was by far the most hated corner in the house. There was no pantry, it was too closed off with little to no natural light coming in and it was cut off from the rest of the home. Same with the living room, it felt like a completely separate wing and the parents had a hard time keeping an eye on their kids who used it as their playroom.

The dining room, kitchen, laundry, and living room needed a massive overhaul so that everything could flow better, and armed with a budget of $130,000, Jonathan and Andrew Scott carried out this renovation which the family loved immensely. The new hardwood floors, updated kitchen with an island and quartz countertops that Jen always dreamed of and an open kitchen and dining space with a dark wood dining table were added to the house giving it a facelift that it needed. The renovation was completed in six weeks and cost $115,000. Check out the photos below. 

Modern light fixtures in Jen and Alex's home (HGTV/PropertyBrothersForeverHome)


Kitchen with an island that Jen and Alex always dreamt of (HGTV/PropertyBrothersForeverHome)


The dining table overlooking the kitchen area in Jen and Alex's home (HGTV/PropertyBrothersForeverHome)


The completely transformed living area in Jen and Alex's home (HGTV/PropertyBrothersForeverHome)


Jen and Alex's updated backyard (HGTV/PropertyBrothersForeverHome)

'Property Brothers: Forever Home' airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on HGTV. 

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