'Property Brothers: Forever Home': Jonathan and Drew gift military vet and cancer survivor a dream sanctuary

Marcie had a life full of ups and downs and to add to her woes, her marriage of many years ended. She wanted to embrace a fresh start with a new home and the Property Brothers were enlisted to help

                            'Property Brothers: Forever Home': Jonathan and Drew gift military vet and cancer survivor a dream sanctuary
Alyssa and Marcie (HGTV)

The new episode of 'Property Brothers: Forever Home' featured military veteran Marcie and her daughter Alyssa. The official description of the episode stated, "A veteran, cancer survivor and mother of two looking for a fresh start purchased a home with warm, positive energy, but it is far from perfect. Drew and Jonathan help overhaul the space to transform the house into the balanced sanctuary of her dreams."

Marcie had rented out the house after her marriage ended. She was looking for a fresh start and moving out felt like a step in the right direction to her. Like all rentals, this one too was a beat down house due to multiple people who'd lived there before her. But there was something special about this space, Marcie described it saying that the house felt like a warm hug and a lot of her clients and friends too shared that emotion, she revealed. 

Marcie fell in love with the house and the vibes it exuded and made the decision of purchasing it but there were some very prominent issues around the house that needed fixing and she enlisted the help of Jonathan and Andrew "Drew" Scott for the same. Marcie had survived thyroid cancer and practicing yoga is something that she accredits her recovery to.

She turned her love for the wellness practice into a career and began teaching it. She also worked with a nonprofit, helping women who had been abused and abandoned. Being a yoga instructor, her fitness equipment was placed in the living room, the family room was just some random furniture thrown around that they could make use of for watching television.

The kitchen had its own set of issues including a very busy countertop and busted drawers and no island seating. Marcie's bathroom had no door, there were certain features including a rock wall and a TV near the bathtub that was simply not working for her, and she needed it changed.

Her wishlist included wood-inspired flooring across the house, picture windows, a dedicated wellness studio, artistic lights, wooden beams, drawers for storage and island seating in the kitchen, a freestanding bathtub, and natural wood cabinets in the bathroom as well as a steam shower. She wanted her home to be a "zen den", a space that was balanced because it was a home-cum-work studio. 

Jonathan and Drew combined forces to tick all the boxes from her wishlist and the final reveal was an emotional one. Jonathan and Drew had also spruced up Marcie's bedroom on the request of her daughters Alyssa and Paige who had pitched in the money for it. This was their way of saying thank you for all the sacrifices that Marcie had made to give her daughters a comfortable life. 

You can watch the rerun of this episode of 'Property Brothers: Forever Home' on December 24 at 12 am ET on HGTV.

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