'Project Runway' fans side with Bones Jones after Aaron Michaels talks down to him

When 'Project Runway' fans watched the heated argument between Aaron and Bones, they immediately took Bones' side

                            'Project Runway' fans side with Bones Jones after Aaron Michaels talks down to him
Aaron Michael and Bones Jones on 'Project Runway' (Bravo)

On the latest episode of 'Project Runway' the designers were tasked with the challenge of creating a fierce avant-garde look using faux fur. While we were expecting some very dramatic outfits and designs from the designers, we also got some piping hot drama from them as they had to work in pairs to create the look. When the show's mentor Christian Siriano announced that they would be working with faux-fur, Aaron Michaels got really excited as he was the only designer in the group who had already worked with this tricky fabric in the past.

But Aaron's excitement levels immediately dropped when he learned that he was being paired up with Bones Jones. Bones' sharp tongue has landed him in trouble in the past, so Aaron wasn't thrilled at the idea of being paired with him. Unfortunately, the designers had no choice but to work together as a team and create one stunning outfit in order to continue their journey in the competition. The two men sat down and began brainstorming ideas to create a vision for their design. Bones was keen on creating a design that was inspired by a "rich Dothraki", on the other hand. Aaron wanted something less dramatic. In the end, the duo settled in for a well-fitted gown with a dramatic collar made out of fur as their final design.


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Aaron Michaels and Bones Jones on 'Project Runway' Season 19 (Bravo)


Since Aaron had already worked with fur in the past, he decided that he would handle the collar, while Bones would focus on the gown. Things were going pretty smoothly until Aaron began having trouble with keeping the huge collar standing. Despite his many attempts to keep the collar standing upright, it kept falling off and bringing down the overall aesthetic of the look. Bones pitched in to help Aaron and suggested he put something inside the fur collar to help it stay put. Aaron didn't appreciate his fellow designer's input and began lashing out at him.

From cussing to declaring that he was quitting from the challenge, Aaron did everything to make it clear that he didn't appreciate Bones' help or suggestion. Bones got really annoyed with Aaron's disrespectful behavior and called him a b****. The other designers intervened and called out Bones for using offensive language. But Bones stood his ground and pointed to them that Aaron was the one who started it all by talking down to him. When fans watched the heated exchange between the duo, they immediately took Bones' side and called out Aaron for his immature behavior.

A fan tweeted, "Now listen Bones works my nerves almost every week BUT Aaron was mad aggressive and disrespectful. Bones tried keeping it cute but Aaron was trying it. He would’ve gotten cursed tf out #ProjectRunway." "Sorry but Aaron needs to take a chill pill. He really is talking down to Bones, tho. #ProjectRunway," wrote a fan. Another fan commented, "Ok Aaron is out of line… someone had too much wine… Bones shows so much restraint and I admire him for it. You know he wanted to pop off but he kept his cool #ProjectRunway." "Aaron is showing his tru colors #ProjectRunway His actions are very distasteful against Bones," added a fan.





Aaron Michaels had trouble keeping the fur collar standing up (Bravo)


Another fan shared, "Aaron had so much to say and it turns out Bones was right the entire time. #projectrunway." "Never thought I’d be on Bones’ side. Aaron is a hot, childish mess. #ProjectRunway," pointed out a fan. "Can’t believe bones is the voice of reason this week. what is aaron’s problem?? #projectrunway," wondered a fan.




In the end, everything worked out as Aaron and Bones hashed out their differences, and managed to create an outfit that was loved by the judges.

'Project Runway' Season 19 airs every Thursday at 9/8c on Bravo.