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Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco

'Waste of time!' Kaley Cuoco starrer 'Role Play' disappoints fans, but Bill Nighy's performance earns praise

Despite Bill Nighy receiving praise for his exceptional acting, fans are disappointed over 'Role Play's predictable and corny plot
Jan 13, 2024

'Role Play' Ending Explained: Does Dave Brackett die? Emma Brackett's secrets catch up to her

Kaley Cuoco and David Oyelwowo's action comedy film 'Role Play' is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video
Jan 12, 2024

Is Kaley Cuoco OK? Actress diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome due to holding 5-month-old daughter

The actress from 'The Big Bang Theory' welcomed her daughter in March 2023 with her partner and fellow actor Tom Pelphrey
Aug 16, 2023

What is mommy wrist? Kaley Cuoco suffering from tendonitis three months after giving birth

'Tom's working and I'm chilling and playing with the baby. I never thought I would have kids, so this is very special,' said Kaley Cuoco
Jul 11, 2023

'It was miraculous': Kaley Cuoco opens up about scars from nearly losing her leg in an accident

'I remember clear as day, because it takes a second when something is that bad,' said Kaley Cuoco
Jun 7, 2023

'We would love that': Kaley Cuoco reveals she wants to work with boyfriend Tom Pelphrey in the future

'It'll have to be something very special, but we would love to do that,' said Kaley Cuoco
Jun 3, 2023