'Power Book IV: Force' Episode 7: Are Tommy, Claudia the new leaders in Chicago's drug business?

'Power Book IV: Force' Episode 7: Are Tommy, Claudia the new leaders in Chicago's drug business?
Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan and Lili Simmons as Claudia Flynn in 'Power Book IV: Force' (STARZ)

Power Book IV: Force’ has undoubtedly been one of the most intriguing shows this season and continues to enthrall everyone with its engaging content. The previous episode saw CBI and the Flynns burying their fallen soldiers. But most importantly, they both have parted ways with Tommy (Joseph Sikora) and when he got to know about the situation, he quickly sought a deal with Claudia. They kidnapped the doctor who created the drug and forced her to make more of it.

Claudia (Lili Simmons) continued her killing spree as she killed Mai and Tommy helped her in burying her body. Episode 7 of the STARZ crime drama saw Tommy speaking with Claudia about the plan to distribute the drug, Dahlia. He believes that they should get out with the premium version and sell it at a lower price so that everyone can buy it. The duo asked Lauryn about her expertise and she opposed the aforementioned idea. However, her vote didn’t count.



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Tommy was adamant that they needed a cheaper version so that it won’t cut into their profit margins.

Meanwhile, a deep conversation between Tommy and JP takes place when JP says that he wants to work with him. However, Tommy says that he doesn’t have to do that and brings up Ghost in the conversation. He says that whoever gets close to him, his or her life turns upside down. JP also said that he wanted to connect with their mother, Kate, and maybe spend some time together, but Tommy wasn’t ready. JP finally asked him about hatred toward his mother and he replied that he is “outrunning a ghost”.


A still from 'Power Book IV: Force' (STARZ)

On the other hand, Tommy finally sees D-Mac following him and confronts him for that. D-Mac told him that he was just watching him and wanted him to stay cautious. However, he is still not ready to tell Tommy who attacked him.

However, the most interesting instance happens when Tommy and JP enter the club and see Vic getting kissed by a woman with Dahlia on her lips. For the uninitiated, Claudia and Liliana meet some women who will act as couriers for them in the nightclubs. After the meeting, Claudia told one of the women to get a redhead to seduce her brother with the drug.

As soon as Tommy sees that, he storms out of the club and goes away. While getting out, he saw two men following Claudia’s moves and kills them. He gets upset and enters the lab to confront Claudia. Tommy threatened her about doing the exchange without him and if she does that again, he’ll destroy everything.

The episode ends with Jenard telling Diamond about Dahlia and how good it is. But Diamond said that he did not want to come out with a new drug that would send him back to jail. Elsewhere, he meets Tommy and discusses the drug. Tommy behaves like he doesn't know about it to make it seem like Diamond was interested in introducing the drug.

Tommy and his team have finally got to know that they are the only source for Dahlia and there is no competition. They have finally managed to cut Dahlia and as soon as that happens, he tells Lauryn that she can go away if she wants to because her work is over. However, she decides to stay with the team and everyone tries the new drug.

Without any guesses, they all got really high.


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