'Power Book IV: Force' Episode 5 Preview: Will Tommy-Claudia form the ultimate team?

'Power Book IV: Force' Episode 5 Preview: Will Tommy-Claudia form the ultimate team?
Lili Simmons as Claudia Flynn, Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan (Starz)

Preview for 'Power Book IV: Force' Episode 5 'Take Me Home'

Previously on Starz's ' 'Power Book IV: Force' we saw Tommy Egan and Liliana finally be confronted by the owners of the stolen drugs and it was none other than the fearsome Serbians who will most definitely be a problem, even though the two held their own superbly with the few men that came for them and killed them off.

The synopsis for Episode 5 reads: Tommy is offered a profitable solution that may be the answer to his troubles from an unlikely source; intrigued, Tommy is informed he must first address a problem threatening the new venture before it begins. So read on to know what to expect from the upcoming episode of the 'Power' spinoff. 

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The promos open with Diamond (Isaac Keys) pointing out that Tommy (Joseph Sikora) doesn't make a move without knowing what the next five moves will be, with Tommy making it clear that the man without a plan is the dead man in the room. And we know he's right as multiple drug players are already coming up with new ideas to further their growth. We then see the rising threat, Claudia Flynn (Lili Simmons), entrepreneurial daughter of the Flynn family, tells her business partner that they don't want other dealers to find out about their chemist when told gruffly that the drug cook hasn't been moved. 

Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan in 'Power Book IV: Force' (Starz)


Continuing the Flynn family story, we see the patriarchal Walter Flynn (Tommy Flanagan) warn Gloria (Gabrielle Ryan) that she will never properly be with his son Vic (Shane Harper). Now although she has been sleeping with Tommy, due to Vic not fighting for her, we see her kiss her ex-flame and the guess is the two love birds are back together. Putting the romance on hold, we have Tommy dealing with his own problem as more Serbs are back in town for him and Liliana (Audrey Esparza), with the man on high alert. But they only know definitely about Liliana, which has Tommy tell her to leave Chicago. But it's the only life she's known so we don't think that's happening any time soon.

Adding to Tommy's problem is the fact that he's running out of coke to sell which is when we see Claudia come into the picture. An intriguing meet between the two foreshadows the possible team-up as a satisfied-looking Claudia seemingly is on board with him working with her. Both badasses may just be the new team that proves to be double the trouble for Chicago and its drug dealers.

'Power Book IV: Force' returns with a new episode on Sunday at 8 pm ET on Starz.

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