'Power Book IV: Force' Episode 2 Preview: Will Tommy ally with Diamond?

'Power Book IV: Force' Episode 2 Preview: Will Tommy ally with Diamond?
Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan in 'Power Book IV: Force' (Starz)

There have been only a handful of successful crime drama franchises over the course of time that have intrigued the audience and one of them is the ' Power' series that birthed hit spinoffs' ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ and ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’. So fans were ecstatic when the ruthlessly Tommy Egan was given his own show to headline.

Power Book IV: Force’  revolves around Tommy (Joseph Sikora) who after losing his love and his best friend looks to begin anew. The man is done being someone's pooch and following orders prompting him to start building an empire of his own. Tommy's plan initially didn't involve setting up base in the windy city but he ends up in Chicago deciding to stay there itself. With an exciting premiere here's what to expect from the second episode of the Starz crime drama.


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The preview begins as we see Gloria (Gabrielle Ryan) question Tommy about his decision to come back with the latter responding that he doesn't know but there's something about this place that drew him. We previously saw Tommy trying to enter the drug world of Chicago and it looks like he'll need to prove himself, as we see him say that he got no previous ties implying him to be a free man that is ready to get down and dirty when needed. 

In the first episode, we saw Diamond (Isaac Keys) wanting to meet Tommy with the second episode seeing the two face to face as Diamond questions Tommy regarding him doing business in his city. Ballsy as always Tommy replies with a, "Is it gonna be a problem if I am?"  Episode 1 also saw our main guy meeting Walter(Tommy Flanagan), one of the biggest drugs dealers, who told him to get out of Chicago with the preview showing him tell Tommy that new dealers come along time to time implying that he is small fry in the city's drug game. 

The preview hints at a shootout and we see Tommy getting kidnapped unexpectedly while a stressed Walter tells his wife to run the books. The preview ends with Diamond breaking into a smile as Tommy headbutts his captor. The second episode will see Tommy face new threats with a foe possibly turning into a friend. 

‘Power Book IV: Force’ will return to STARZ with a new episode every Sunday at 9 pm EST.

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