'Elegant and dynamic': Critics praise Rian Johnson's Peacock mystery series 'Poker Face'

'Elegant and dynamic': Critics praise Rian Johnson's Peacock mystery series 'Poker Face'
Natasha Lyonne as Charlie in 'Poker Face' (Peacock)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In a world of vape pens, Natasha Lyonne strikes us as the final pack of smokes. She plays Charlie Cale, a casino waitress who imbibes before and drinks on the job, in Peacock's stylish new series 'Poker Face'. It's endearing because it's Lyonne: ashy voice, molten hair, and general appearance of a young person who aspires to be a crazy old coot.


Early reviews for Rian Johnson's latest series are ecstatically positive. Johnson is best known for directing movies like 'Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery', 'Knives Out', and 'Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi'.


'Poker Face' Premiere Review: Rian Johnson delivers an all-around hit with whip-smart storytelling

Where is 'Poker Face' filmed?

Reviews already describe 'Poker Face' as one of the best Peacock originals to date and highlight Natasha Lyonne's performance as the lead. Additionally, the show has been called clever, fast, and extremely addictive. Let's see a few examples of what the critics have said in their reviews of the eagerly anticipated movie.


'They are a dynamic duo'

Ferdosa, from Screenrant, believes that the show is a winner and "will undoubtedly be a hit with fans of Johnson and Lyonne." The review adds that "they are a dynamic duo, and they genuinely understand what it is to have fun with a tried and true genre. Even more impressive is the ability to create fascinating worlds with interesting characters." Variety, on the other hand, called the show one of the strongest series yet to launch on Peacock. It said, "This elegant set of mystery stories allows an established star the time and space to crack a new sort of case, that of how to evolve a familiar persona and bring fans along for the ride." Rolling Stone called the story of 'Poker Face' and its execution "rare." "Here's a detective with no home, no gun, no phone, no supporting cast, a past to escape, and a doomed future. Hell of a hand, I'm all in," Entertainment Weekly noted. 

The overwhelmingly favorable reviews for 'Poker Face' prove Johnson's status as the new mystery guru. Although there were worries that 'Poker Face' might be a remake of 'Knives Out', early reviews suggest the show is not overly similar to Johnson's films.


'Poker Face' is now streaming exclusively on Peacock.

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