PJ Washington trolled for saying Brittany Renner will not let him meet son: 'Stop crying'

The Hornets player also shared the latest music he's been listening to recently including 'Trifling Hoes' which is making the Internet go wild

                            PJ Washington trolled for saying Brittany Renner will not let him meet son: 'Stop crying'
PJ Washington and his baby mama Brittany Renner's drama has entered a new phase after the athlete claims he's not allowed to see his son (Instagram)

PJ Washington's drama with his baby mama Brittany Renner keeps getting serious by the day but people on the Internet think otherwise and are poking fun at him every opportunity available. Things went up a notch after the video of his ex Brittany Renner calling athletes "dumb" and advising women who are enduring hard times to "f*ck an athlete" for easy pay as they never wear condoms went viral on the Internet once again. Trolls are of the opinion that the Hornets player brought this situation upon himself. 

Renner took to her Instagram on March 21 to show off her baby bump mere weeks after she first announced she and Washington were an item. Washington shared the same photo on his feed with the caption, "Can't wait to meet my lil man." He had called Renner a "huge blessing" when they first confirmed their relationship in February this year, however, fast forward to July, the couple announced they have broken up. Washington declared, "You never loved me," in a since-deleted tweet but it's the Internet where nothing gets lost ever and thus began a bitter battle of words between the former couple and the hype around them just refuses to douse down ever since. 


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Brittany Renner isn't letting PJ Washington near his son

In the first week of August, news broke that Renner had secured a $200k per month payout in child support from Washington. This meant she would be collecting $2.4 million annually and $43 million over the next 18 years from Washington. The Internet went wild when the yet to be substantiated news started making the rounds and trolls on the Internet began to say Washington deserves anything but mercy. This mainly had to do with the fact that the video of Renner talking about athletes was on the Internet since 2018 and the fact that she had also spoken about her body count in the video, most of them being athletes. 

Washington once again took to his Instagram stories on August 15 where he shared a couple of pictures of his son with captions that read, "Daddy misses you" and "they won't be able to take you away from me." On August 13, he tweeted, "Just want to see my son" with a blue heart emoji. Washington also shared screenshots of some new music he has been listening too which includes Lil Durk's 'Triflin Hoes' and 'Run Me Dry' by Bryson Tiller. He particularly shared the verse that goes 'I think she love me, cause I got the check on me..Wan spend the day and flex on me..put a curse and hex on me..scratch out my name.. put the X on me." This is being viewed as his attempt to throw shade at Renner but the Internet isn't showing the man any love despite him sharing his woes. 

"PJ Washington gotta stop crying on social media bout his baby mama," read a tweet. "I kinda feel sorry for PJ Washington but then I kinda don’t at the same time," read another tweet. "Y’all feeling sorry for PJ Washington?? Son he already knew that chick was a freak," wrote another user saying the athlete brought this situation upon himself. "It would be easier to feel bad for PJ Washington if Brittney Renner never posted a video about how she scams athletes. She been on that weird shit for a long time and he chose to get in bed with her… now he got to see it through," read another tweet.

PJ Washington said he isn't allowed to see his son via his Instagram story





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