Piers Morgan says criticism of viral 'Aunty Meghan' tweet came from Duchess's 'deluded woke fans'

Piers Morgan says criticism of viral 'Aunty Meghan' tweet came from Duchess's 'deluded woke fans'
Piers Morgan's viral tweet captioned 'Is this when Aunty Meghan arrived' was aimed at Meghan Markle (Twitter, Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

The outspoken British commentator, Piers Morgan, who is currently a columnist for the New York Post has been a vocal critic of the Dutchess of Sussex-- Meghan Markle. Meghan Markle stepped out with the royal family for the first time at Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebration since she spectacularly trashed them in front of the world and Oprah Winfrey.

Meanwhile, Morgan took to Twitter to share a witty joke about Markle's royal return that blew up quite quickly online and Morgan got slammed by the social media users for his joke. Morgan compiled a series of viral photos showing young Prince Louis wincing and screaming on the Buckingham Palace balcony with a tweet saying, "Is this when Aunty Meghan arrived?”


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The tweet quickly blew up receiving 20,000 likes and over 1,000 retweets. While there was a section of people who sided with Morgan, there were also those who praised Meghan instead. Morgan is a well-known critic of Meghan and Harry and loses no opportunity to mock the royal couple.

After the backlash for his 'aunty Meghan' tweet, he took to defending himself saying: “The huge reaction to my tweet perfectly summarizes public opinion to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex,” Morgan told The New York Post on June 3. “Most people laughed because they’re now global laughing stocks after all their hypocritical money-grabbing royal-bashing antics", he added. He further said that fans of Meghan and Harry got "triggered" by the joke and it is "hilarious". “But Meghan and Harry’s dwindling number of humorless deluded woke fans were triggered into fury, yet again because they genuinely believe the Sussexes are the world’s biggest victims. This belief, like my tweet, is hilarious", he said.

Many took offense at Morgan's joke and his defense of his viral tweet mocking Meghan and Harry. A user wrote, "Of all the things that could have been posted on a day of celebration and people coming together, you choose this. Why the need for such nastiness?!"


Best-selling author, Gerry Stergiopoulos wrote a sarcastic tweet, "You need to let it go, it has become an unhealthy infatuation. I too wanted to marry Harry, but I am not angry he choose Meghan instead..." Another user wrote it was a case of sour grapes for Morgan: "You will forever be butt hurt she rejected you!! Yay, Meghan!!"





One user wrote, "Is this what happens when you become obsessed by a woman you have no control or power over 🤔 because she ignores you 🤔" "I knew you couldn’t go 4 days without mentioning Meghan. But I thought you’d at least refrain the first day out of respect for the Queen…🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️", another user wrote reminding the former 'Good Morning Britain' host of the occasion which caused the royal family to come together in celebration. 





Morgan and Markle were once on friendly terms, with the pair once drinking together in a British pub back in 2016. “We spent two hours in a pub, she had a couple of dirty martinis, I had a couple of pints, we got on brilliantly,” Morgan explained back in 2018. “And then I put her in a cab, and it turned out to be a cab which took her to a party where she met Prince Harry. And the next night they had a solo dinner together, and that was the last I heard from Meghan Markle.” “She ghosted me,” Morgan then stated. “Meghan Markle ghosted me.”

The Post columnist, Morgan has since been skeptical of Markle's motives and slammed her after she trashed the royal family in her Oprah Winfrey interview last year.

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