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'He seems so genuinely upset': Video of rottweiler cuddling owner after parkgoers ignore him warms Internet

'Literally want to come through the phone and give him a cuddle,' said a dog lover
UPDATED OCT 12, 2022
The proud pet mother insists her rottweiler Axel is a 'teddy bear' (@nala_the_needy_rott/TikTok)
The proud pet mother insists her rottweiler Axel is a 'teddy bear' (@nala_the_needy_rott/TikTok)

In a viral TikTok video shared by a pet owner, a downhearted rottweiler could be seen snuggling into the arms of his owner as she explains to her followers that he is seeking comfort because no one wanted to pet him at the park. In the video, the owner explains she had taken her four-legged pal to the park and the parkgoers did not pet him and he is seeking comfort because he doesn't understand why people are ignoring him.

The video was viewed more than 7.2 million times, where the rottweiler Axel could be seen laying his paw on the owner's chest while resting his head on her. "He went to the park today and nobody wanted to stroke him," She explained in the on-screen text of the video. "He doesn't understand why people ignore him." "THEIR LOSS," the proud pet mother wrote in the caption.


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The @nala_the_needy_rottie account goes above and beyond to show how affectionate and loyal the breed can be, was quickly flooded with comments from thousands of Tiktokers and dog lovers who insisted they would definitely show Axel some love if they ever ran into him. One of the users explained they are the biggest sweetheart ever and wrote, "I swear, if I saw you in public, I would cry. I love Rotties so much. They're the biggest sweethearts ever." Another user who watched the video of the dejected-looking Axel commented saying, "He seems so genuinely upset, aw." Another chimed in saying, "Literally want to come through the phone and give him a cuddle."


While many even comforted the pet owner reassuring her he will be fine as long as he has his loving human pet mother. "He got his mamma, that's all he needs," a Tiktoker commented. While another who also has a rottweiler said, "People are afraid of them but they are so sweet mine are very friendly."

Rottweilers are well known to be powerful, protective, and loyal, and can be dangerous when they attack intruders to protect their owners. Rottweilers are natural guard dogs and can be very aggressive toward strangers, according to the National Kennel Club, but they make loving pets if they are properly handled and trained. Another Rotweiller owner said, "It is because he's big and beautiful - he has his momma to love him... my four babies don't understand either but i love them for the whole world." 


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