'Perfect Match': Is it the end of Damian and Francesca? New date puts a halt to their steaming chemistry

'Perfect Match': Is it the end of Damian and Francesca? New date puts a halt to their steaming chemistry
'Perfect Match' stars Damian Powers and Francesca Farago have a dating history (Instagram/@damian_powers, @francescafarago)

PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA: 'Perfect Match' on Netflix is the hottest dating show on the streaming service right now, bringing together familiar faces from other shows like 'Too Hot To Handle', 'The Circle' and 'Love Is Blind'. The competitors in the show try to pair up every night in an effort to discover their "perfect match." The winning couple is sent on a luxury date and has the chance to choose two new bombshells to send on dates with people currently residing in the villa. 


Francesca Farago might have started the show off by coupling with 'The Mole' star Dom Gabriel, but she then chose to go on a date with Damian Powers from 'Love Is Blind' first season. It suffices to say that the pair have some history. The couple ended up matching and sparks flew. For viewers looking in, the duo seemed to be going strong but a confession Francesca made to Kariselle screams trouble in paradise. For a while, everything seemed fine, the sexual tension between the couple was scorching hot. Francesca and Damian even won a compatibility challenge, but the cracks in their relationship started appearing thereafter.


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Are Francesca and Damian facing compatibility issues?

The seemingly "perfect match" might be in some trouble. Francesa and Damian's relationship is way older than the show and have a messy dating history. For those who watched the first season of 'Love Is Blind', Francesca made a brief cameo in the reunion episode after showing up to a party with Damian, who was at the time dating Giannina Gibelli. The viewers quickly guessed that Damian and Francesca were involved and that Damian may have cheated on Giannina.

On their recent date, Francesca and Damian decided to leave the past and take a chance on each other. For a while, the couple's chemistry was too hot to handle. But in their second compatibility challenge, though they started out strong, they ended up disagreeing with each other on what was "cute" and "cringy." After losing the compatibility challenge Francesca was visibly perturbed and at the end of episode 7 made a shocking confession to Kariselle. She said, "Damian has this habit of slowly kissing up my arm and keeping his eyes open whenever we kiss it gives me the ick." That's a big bomb!



Are Francesca and Damian still together?

After Ines and Will from 'The Mole' win the compatibility challenge, Ines decides to send Francesca on a date. However, things got complicated when Francesca and Abby really hit it off. Damian is worried that Francesca will break his heart as he said, "one day she's in it, and the next day she starts to pull out."


When Kariselle asked Francesca does she like Damian or Abby more Francesca confessed, "Obviously I want to match with Abby." Yes, folks! It's the end of Francesca and Damian as there's a new match in the house. Damian in the meantime is determined to build a connection with someone else as he is here to find his "perfect match."

New episodes of 'Perfect Match' release every Tuesday on Netflix.

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 'Perfect Match': Are Damian and Francesca over? New date puts a halt to their steaming chemistry