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'90 Day Fiance' star Paul Staehle removes OnlyFans account after him exploring same-sex intimacy goes viral

'90 Day Fiance' alum Paul Staehle admits to same-sex act for OnlyFans, fans concerned with his latest erratic behavior
UPDATED NOV 12, 2022
Paul Staehle in '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' (YouTube/90DayFiance)
Paul Staehle in '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?' (YouTube/90DayFiance)

BRAZIL, SOUTH AMERICA: '90 Day Fiance' alum Paul Staehle was rumored to be dating a young Brazilian woman. It has since come to light that he is actively seeking out a same-sex relationship with another man.

Paul Staehle has a reputation for being controversial even before joining '90 Day Fiance'. He told Karine the truth regarding an accusation of arson against him on television. After that, his bizarre run also inspired memes. Not just that. He has been on holiday in Brazil while Karine, the mother of his kids, is busy vying for custody of them. At that point, he posted a graphic video of him having a sexual encounter with a man on his OnlyFans page. It turned out to be a relative of Karine's! Everybody was perplexed by this, and they started to wonder if he was gay.


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Paul Staehle is usually surrounded by controversy. He was previously in trouble with the authorities after missing posters of him and his son became public. Eventually, Paul was charged with kidnapping after taking his son to another state. Finally, he flees the country and is on holiday in Brazil. The reality star has been having bizarre adventures there. The '90 Day Fiance' fans were recently stunned. Paul, it appears, has an OnlyFans account.

A Reddit user said that Paul was getting intimate with a guy in one of the videos. Although he never explicitly stated his sexuality on '90 Day Fiance', his attraction to Karine led everyone to believe he was straight. The man in the clip with the reality star was Karine's cousin, who had appeared in the series with them. Many thought it was Paul's way of getting back into the spotlight. Others were worried about the content and sought further information. Paul, on the other hand, hasn't spoken anything about his sexual orientation thus far.

Later, Reddit user u/daniel420texas said that Paul had deleted his OnlyFans account after reportedly receiving death threats after making an intimate video with Karine's family member Adiel. "Is he on drugs or something, or just extremely desperate for money???" wondered a perplexed user.

Franchise fans have frequently questioned Paul's mental health on '90 Day Fiance' throughout his relationship with Karine. Nevertheless, his latest actions have stunned onlookers. "I don’t even know what to say. Honestly really afraid this is going to end tragically, he is completely off the rails," u/MaxJets69, the top commenter, wrote. "It’s the connection to Karine that is so f***** up. There’s lots of gay, bi, and questioning dudes…. Why your wife’s (or is it ex wife now?) brother?! Those poor kids, this is too much," u/Zoinks3324 expressed concern. "Out off all people why didn’t have to be a relative of karine ? that’s sick," agreed u/Actual_Service_8057.

Blogger Josh Yates interviewed him live on YouTube, and the news came out about an hour later. So, cheekily, John suggested that they have a "foursome" for Paul's OnlyFans.


It was a surprise when John Yates revealed on Instagram that '90 Day Fiance' alum Karine is apparently involved with a person who was previously engaged to Yolanda and came out as gay. Nevertheless, in another post, John revealed that Paul had evidently experienced the gay experience for himself. As a result, fans flocked to his YouTube channel to check it out. They navigated through Paul's discussion about the children and Karine before getting to the part about him experimenting with same-sex relations.

Fans watched for the first time that John Yates actually didn't know how to ask Paul about having a same-sex with another person. However, he eventually persuaded Paul to disclose that he had made love to another person on his OnlyFans. John advised him not to feel embarrassed since he "does that every day." Fans of '90 Day Fiance' heard Paul describe the event as "funny." However, TLC viewers occasionally question Paul's sense of humor.