'It's bulls**t': Park Jimin fans slam Oli London's apology for undergoing 32 surgeries to resemble the BTS member

'It's bulls**t': Park Jimin fans slam Oli London's apology for undergoing 32 surgeries to resemble the BTS member
Influencer Oli London (L) finally apologizes for undergoing cosmetic surgeries to resemble BTS member Jimin (@londonoli/Instagram, @bts.bighitofficial/Instagram)

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: Oli London, a British non-binary influencer and YouTuber, has apologized publicly to BTS member Jimin and the Asian community for undergoing a handful of cosmetic surgeries to look like the Korean pop idol Park Jimin. Oil London has faced heavy backlash for their comments labeling as Korean and transracial, which means identifying with a race other than one of biological ancestry.

Netizens allegedly claim that Oli is a clout chaser. Oli London stated to have undergone 32 surgeries, such as six nose jobs, eye surgery, and a forehead lift, in order to "achieve my Jimin look," as stated in one video. Oli posted a video last year in June saying that they identify as Korean and pronounce themselves as they/them, Korean, and BTS Jimin, and was slammed and trolled by netizens in the comments section. 


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'I can't be another person. I just need to love myself. I've started to really love myself'

Oli apologized for the surgeries and for "trying to become another person" in a YouTube video posted Monday, August 29. "I was wrong to try to emulate Jimin in such an obsessive way," London admitted. "I now realize it wasn't the right thing to do," London stated that they were bullied in school as a teenager and felt lonely and unloved, which affected their self-esteem and caused identity issues. "That has been a big factor in me having surgery, me being unhappy, me also funneling my love into Jimin," Oli explained. 

"I really tried to model myself on that person, because I thought that would make me happy." Oli London stated that they recently married, which has assisted them in "grow as a person". "I can't be another person. I just need to love myself. I've started to really love myself," they claimed. They then proceed to say, "any member of the Asian community that has ever misunderstood me or misinterpreted me or thought maybe I was a little bit too obsessed with Jimin." "I never meant to cause any offense with my actions and I am sorry if anyone misinterpreted or misunderstood my strong love for Korea and Korean culture," Oli said. 


'Oli London's apology is some straight-up bulls**t'

They then concluded the video by quoting: "I do struggle with identity issues but I'm conquering these demons. I'm working hard. It's not easy, but I'm trying my best." Oli London has been very vocal and transparent about their love for Korea on media platforms, where they have over 63,000 YouTube subscribers and 1 million TikTok followers, uploading about K-pop stars, producing their own music with references to Korean culture, and documenting surgeries to transform their physical appearance. 

But it looks like the netizens are not taking the 'apology letter' well, a netizen on Twitter allegedly says, "No??? Most foreigners in Korea are normal ass people. Oli London's apology is some straight up bulls**t." Whereas another one says, "apparently oli london wrote an apology to jimin and bts but I got about halfway through and it’s clear this man is still crazy delulu and has a lot of work to do". Another pointed out, "Like your apology to jimin and the Asian community seemed real and truthful until you began going about how your transracial and Korean when we both know being transracial isn't a thing and ppl who live in Korea don't do what you did you are the only one oli". One more netizen said, "I would usually not accept an apology and I still won't until I see more results. Until then, I wish you the best on your progress and I better not see anymore content about you pretending to be somebody you're not nor ever will be."





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