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Ozzy Osbourne turns 74! A look at singer's enduring marriage with longtime wife Sharon

Ozzy and Sharon have been married for 40 years and they have been together through the singer's persistent addiction and health issues
Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have sailed through some tumultuous moments in their 40 years of marriage (Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)
Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have sailed through some tumultuous moments in their 40 years of marriage (Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND: The self-crowned ‘Prince of Darkness’ is now celebrating a new milestone! Ozzy Osbourne, who is best known for his time as the frontman of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath, has just turned 74! The English singer celebrated with his wife of 40 years, television personality Sharon Osbourne, and with family members who have supported him time and again.

Ozzy and Sharon have been together for a long time and have done it all - their marriage has had some tumultuous moments and some peaceful and yet, they’ve managed to get through it all and are still going strong. According to Amomama, the most immense happiness in the world for him right now is the expansion of his family, with his daughter Kelly expecting a child very soon. Ozzy already has four grandchildren from his son Jack. Ozzy and Sharon are parents to three adult children - Aimee, 39, Kelly, 37, and Jack, 36.


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In the many years since his rise as the godfather of heavy metal, Ozzy has constantly had his loving wife by his side through thick and thin. Their marriage is nothing short of a real-life example of how a couple has to learn to get through things. About their enduring marriage, Sharon told the portal that she and the rockstar have managed to keep it going because they “never gave up” on each other. She also said that it wasn’t alright for people to expect their partners to calm down after a few years and that they should embrace their partners’ quirks- something that she credits to the success of her marriage.


In addition to their regular marriage struggles, ‘The Talk’ show host has also stayed with him through his persistent health issues. Three years ago, Ozzy had surgery after falling on his way to the bathroom in the night- the following few days weren’t good as he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease- he now uses a walking stick to assist his movements and has trouble speaking as well. The surgery had also aggravated some of his other longtime neck and back injuries from an ATV accident more than a decade ago. However, instead of these health issues creating a distance between them and tearing their marriage apart, it only seems to have brought them closer than ever.


Ozzy also opened up about being proud of the fact that he has had an everlasting marriage. He said, "I believe you only have one real love in your life. I'm still in love with my wife. That's the main thing."