OnlyFans model Chloe Saxon flaunts her new nose job, wants 'bigger' boobs next

OnlyFans model Chloe Saxon flaunts her new nose job,  wants 'bigger' boobs next
Chloe Saxon underwent a fresh nose job (@chloesaxon_Instagram)

While most influencers refrain from admitting their cosmetic surgeries, OnlyFans and Instagram model Chloe Saxon is known for her admiration for cosmetic surgeries and admitting it to her followers. Chloe had her most recent operation and took to her Instagram story to inform her 1.1 million fans about it. The brunette beauty from Manchester was spotted with a bandage over her nose after undergoing surgery.

She informed her followers that she had the surgery against people's advice and that she didn't need it. Chloe also compared her before and after photos and called the results "wonderful." Addressing her fans, the Instagram star stated: "I know my nose wasn't terrible before, and I know everyone said I shouldn't get it done, but for me, the after pictures are just amazing, so it's so worth it. I'm so glad I didn't listen to anyone." The model, who claims to have had a previous nose operation, stated that she would not be posting about her newest procedure.


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She then changed her mind since she had "always been honest about her operation." She did explain, though, that she would be healing from the procedure for around six weeks.

Chloe Saxon revealed her before and after photos(@chloesaxon_Instagram)


The model wants to get a breast surgery next(@chloesaxon_Instagram)


One fan inquired whether she would be taking a vacation from her OnlyFans website due to the operation, but Chloe told them that she had a backlog of seductive pictures and videos to put on there while she was mending.
Chloe's nose job comes after she revealed in an Instagram Q&A last week that she wanted bigger boobs. During the session, one fan inquired about her breast job, and they probed: "What size cc do you have in your chest? And did you put them above or below the muscle?"



The brunette bombshell responded, saying: "475cc above the muscle, but I need them doing again soon. Maybe a little bigger."

That wasn't the only procedure she talked about with her admirers. Many people were also curious about Chloe's voluptuous behind, which she previously revealed has bum fillers. When asked if she was done getting fillers in her booty, Chloe said, "Never."She also admitted to having had a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) in the past.

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