NO REST FOR THE...: OnlyFans model Ruby May ‘kept taking nudes’ in hospital after BRAIN surgery

NO REST FOR THE...: OnlyFans model Ruby May ‘kept taking nudes’ in hospital after BRAIN surgery
Ruby May in her hospital bed(Instagram/@famous4mypersonality)

An OnlyFans model has demonstrated her devotion to her fans by continuing to take erotic photos in her hospital gown while recovering from brain surgery. Ruby May, from Sydney, Australia, had been having frequent dizzy spells that were followed by sharp pressure headaches that lasted about 10 seconds each time. The 25-year-old was diagnosed with Chiari malformation, a rare condition in which a section of a person's skull is deformed, putting pressure on their spinal cord.

Ruby was determined to continue working on her OnlyFans 18+content while recovering in the hospital from her surgery, prompting fans to urge her to take a break. Ruby, who has 421,000 Instagram followers under the handle @famous4mypersonality), was admitted for surgery on March 4 and had a five-day recovery period. Despite this, she managed to keep fans up to date from her hospital bed.


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The OnlyFans star also posted a Youtube video informing her fans about her surgery:


The Mirror reported that Ruby explained why she continued to post explicit content even after such a serious procedure: “I can never bring myself to stop working and I took nudes in the bed in my hospital gown the day after surgery. "I think it’s funny because everyone thinks my life is so easy because of OnlyFans. Meanwhile, I’m having surgery – but luckily, it helped me pay for it".

The model also posted series of photos post her surgery, captioned:Thank u for all the well wishes and visits ily 🧚‍♀️ grateful for friends, grateful for healthcare are grateful for the 83 year old lady who kept me entertained by exercising when she was supposed to be on bed rest xx


Ruby spent $14,868 on the procedure. The content creator sought treatment at a private clinic, believing that it would provide her with the best chance of a quick recovery. She now considers herself lucky to be alive and believes the headaches were a "sign from the universe." Ruby said she was told that if she does not go through the surgery, she would eventually become paralyzed. Ruby's earnings from Only Fans helped her pay for her surgery. Ruby even shared photos of herself while recovering from surgery.

Ruby further explained: “I wouldn’t have thought anything of it [the headaches] but I had two friends who had brain surgery within the same year. I also heard of someone who had been diagnosed with brain cancer.
“I’m so glad I [got checked out] because I went for an MRI, where they found out what I had. [The surgery] was approximately three hours long and I was so nervous because I’ve never had surgery or anesthetic before. I had to have a catheter in for 24 hours and couldn’t lift my head properly for a while"
She continued: “It was really scary waking up in the ICU where I had to stay, as I was being checked on every hour to make sure I didn’t have any brain damage. I’ve been in a lot of pain but it’s all going to get better from here and I will hopefully not have any ongoing issues with it.
 “It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through, but I’m so grateful I have my job with the money and flexibility to get through it. [My fans] were mostly concerned and I feel like we are very close – they’re like my friends.

“They loved the nudes but they told me I needed to take a break from working. It doesn’t feel like work when you love your job".

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