#ONFisComing trends as 'Ugly Dance' plays at Tokyo Olympics, 2 songs enter iTunes USA chart

ONF adds itself to the list of K-Pop acts to feature at the Tokyo Olympics and fans are celebrating

                            #ONFisComing trends as 'Ugly Dance' plays at Tokyo Olympics, 2 songs enter iTunes USA chart
ONF greeting fans (@wm_on7off/Twitter)

K-Pop has been invading the music space all around the globe. This year, many fandoms heard quite a few K-Pop songs being played in the background at the Olympics. In the past couple of weeks, 10+ K-Pop acts including BTS, BLACKPINK, SHINee, EXO, NCT127, ATEEZ and more were played at the Games.

Songs from K-Pop group ATEEZ played at the Games, to begin with. BTS recent releases like 'Butter' and 'Dynamite' played at a couple of events. BLACKPINK songs like 'Lovesick Girls' were played as anthems of female empowerment. Fans also noticed SHINee's 'Don't Call Me' playing during one of the games and took to Twitter to discuss that as well as the feature of Monsta X Jooheon's 'Gambler' at another event.


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Fans surprised as ByuByu charts in the US

K-Pop fans on Twitter were pleasantly surprised to notice acts like Oh My Girl and ONF feature at the Olympics. Oh My Girl's 'Dun Dun Dance' and ONF's 'Ugly Dance' were heard being played during a couple of events. 'Ugly Dance' and 'Beautiful Beautiful' are both a part of 'CITY OF ONF' by the group. The album was a repackaging of their first studio album, 'ONF:My Name'.

The album was released on April 28 with 'Ugly Dance' serving as the album's title track while the song 'Beautiful Beautiful' (also known as 'ByuByu') appeared on the album twice, once as its 4th track in Korean and again as the penultimate track on the album in English. Fans were delirious on hearing that not only did 'Ugly Dance' feature at the Tokyo Olympics but also that two of the group's songs re-entered the iTunes Top K-Pop Songs chart in the US, months after its release.


Fans say 'ONF is coming'

Fans started using the hashtag #ONFisComing when the song 'Beautiful Beautiful' took #2 while 'Ugly Dance' took #4 spots on the chart. Fuses rushed to Twitter to celebrate while others were bewildered by the fact that ONF was featured at the Olympics. Fuses also celebrated ONF being on the iTunes Top Songs chart in the US at #40, three months after its release.

ONF is all set to release their new summer popup EP (mini-album) titled 'Popping' on August 9, consisting of 5 tracks with 'Popping' as the title track. The group will also appear on the variety show 'Weekly Idol' on August 18. Here is how fans reacted to ONF featuring at the Olympic Games as well as suddenly charting days before their comeback.






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