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Is Noella trying to rile up Heather for storyline? 'RHOC' fans say 'it's not working'

When fans watched Noella going out of her way to pick a fight with Heather, they concluded that she was doing it simply to secure a spot on the next season
UPDATED JAN 20, 2022
'RHOC' stars Noella Bergener and Heather Dubrow (Bravo)
'RHOC' stars Noella Bergener and Heather Dubrow (Bravo)

Noella Bergener may just be a new housewife on Bravo's 'Real Housewives of Orange County', but the newbie already appears to be at the centre of most of the drama both on and off-camera. While she's busy airing out the dirty laundry from her marriage to Sweet James Bergener, on-cameras, the housewife isn't wasting any time in irking all her co-stars, especially Heather Dubrow.

Even though Heather was nothing but warm and welcoming towards Noella, the new housewife appears to not be the biggest fan of her. Noella called Heather a 'fake b****' during a conversation with her pal Nicole James. That was just the tip of the iceberg. When Heather confronted Noella about it, the newbie simply played it cool and said that she was too drunk that day and also accused Heather of slamming people against the walls at her party. This didn't sit well with Heather, sparking a cold war of sorts between the two.


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'RHOC' star Heather Dubrow (Bravo)

When Heather planned to take the ladies away on a vacation, she intentionally left out Noella from the guest list because she didn't see any reason to invite her. However on Gina Kirschenheiter's request Heather agreed to it, and extended the invitation to her. Once Noella arrived at the vacation spot, she did everything to irk Heather. From arriving late to complaining about the food and drinks, Noella's attitude just kept annoying the hostess of the trip.

When Gina pulled Noella aside and told her that her behavior was annoying Heather, Noella simply shrugged it off saying everything she did would annoy Heather. When fans watched Noella going out of her way to pick a fight with Heather, they concluded that the new housewife was doing it simply to secure a spot on the next season of the show or for her storyline this season. A fan tweeted, "Noella shut up. Please! You are picking a fight with Heather for a spot for next season. It’s not working #RHOC." "I can’t tell if Noella is calculated and beefing with Heather because she thinks she’s taking on the Queen Bee and marking her spot on the show….. OR if she’s just a loyal friend who took Heather and Shannon’s fight way too personally Either way, I’m here for it #RHOC," wrote a fan. Another fan added, "Noella is trying extra hard to replace Kelly and be the drama stirrer so she can have a spot on #rhoc for awhile."




'RHOC' star Noella Bergener (Bravo)

Another fan joked, "I wish I was committed to anything in my life even half as much as Noella is committed to picking a fight with Heather. Girl stop trying so hard to be relevant. #RHOC." "Noella is actually super jealous of Heather. The moment she saw Heather’s house she got ALL of her insecurities out and transformed them into hate for Heather #RHOC," observed a fan. "Geez…Noella was growing on me but I’m over her. She sucks the oxygen out of the room. Plus I don’t get her hatred for Heather. Heather has her faults but Noella has a hard-on for her and I don’t get it. #RHOC," pointed out a fan.




'Real Housewives of Orange County' Season 16 airs every Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo. 

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