What is Noah Centineo canceled? The 'Internet boyfriend' tweeting in support of Logan Paul not taken lightly

Centineo rose to overnight fame after starring in 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' but that Internet love was at major risk when he supported Logan Paul

                            What is Noah Centineo canceled? The 'Internet boyfriend' tweeting in support of Logan Paul not taken lightly
Noah Centineo was once canceled because of Logan Paul (Getty Images)

Noah Centineo is returning to Netflix one last time as Peter Kavinsky, the character that soared him to incredible Internet fame and popularity via the 2018 rom-com 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' (TATBILB). Both the movie and Centineo's personal social media accounts sprinkled with wholesome tweets and shirtless Instagram selfies helped him amassed such worldwide love that soon he earned the title 'Internet's boyfriend'.

But just months from garnering that insurmountable fame, Centineo became the glaring focal point of a Twitter controversy. The reason? YouTuber Logan Paul.


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The name Logan Paul doesn't need a lot of brushing up in case you're not a sucker for pop-culture and its tidbits. He was the vlogger who shot and posted the infamous YouTube video 'We found a dead body in the Japan Suicide Forest'.

The video was part of Paul's 2018 Japan trip that he documented through vlogs, and showed him taking a tour of the Aokigahara Forest aka 'Suicide Forest' as many people have taken their own lives there. Paul's vlog from the venue sees him come across a body of a man who died by suicide, hanging from one of the trees, that although he blurred, was still in the background of the clip. 

Soon the Internet slammed him for his insensitive post, canceling him (neither the first time nor the last) for the outrageous decision where he chose to keep filming even after coming across the deceased. Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Aaron Paul condemned the YouTuber and he removed the video, while Twitter temporarily just suspended ads on his account. 

Paul posted an apology video soon and it currently has over 2 million downvotes. But it wasn't the only callous post he has made in the past. In 2019, he announced he planned to "go gay" as a "challenge" for one of his videos. Paul apologized for the latter once again and has continued to since, every time the Internet cancels him for something controversial. Recently, he has been into professional boxing, fighting opposite the likes of Floyd Mayweather.

Where it all changed for Paul is when he thought a New Year tweet would help social media think of the vlogger differently. Instead of being in his favor, it just backfired. 

The tweet posted on New Year's Eve 2018 read: "2018. you son of a bitch. What a year. So many lessons learned, so much GROWTH as a human being, i GUARANTEE this will be the most important year of my life... i could go on and on.Point is, we did it. Chapter closed. Dear 2019... Let’s get this fkn bread."



And what was Centineo's fault in all of this? Weeks after Paul shared the tweet, Centineo tried to be his wholesome safe and touted him with a retweet, adding how there was 'growth' showing in Paul's attitude. "Beautiful man. It's not just about overcoming adversity, it's about overcoming yourself in the face of adversity. We can all learn a lot from this growth," Centineo wrote in a January 2019 tweet that has been since deleted. But for the time it lasted, social media took notice of it and rose to cancel him right then and there. 

One of the tweets summing up the Internet's rage against their collective then-boyfriend read: "noah centineo just got dragged for quoting logan paul’s tweet and I’m fucking screaming because this is most 2019 thing to happen in 2019 even though we’ve only been here for 15 days." 



But Centineo's crisis situation didn't last for long, as he keeps bagging leading roles from Netflix. There was 'Sierra Burgess is a Loser', 'The Perfect Date', and the two remaining parts of the TATBILB trilogy, the last of which is premiering this February 12 on Netflix.

Noah Centineo attends the Los Angeles Premiere of the Netflix Film Sierra Burgess is a Loser at Arclight Hollywood on August 30, 2018, in Hollywood, California (Getty Images)


About the controversy, however, Centineo hasn't uttered a word since, although he did shade another Paul sibling, Jake, who has been just as controversial as his brother. In a 2019 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Centineo said "I don't think Gaspar Noe gives a shit (about his hired actors' social media following)," Centineo told the outlet in November. "But did Disney care when they gave Jake Paul a show? Absolutely."

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