Before Netflix's 'The Perfect Date' release, here are 7 times Noah Centineo proved he was a heartthrob

Before Netflix's 'The Perfect Date' release, here are 7 times Noah Centineo proved he was a heartthrob

Noah Centineo won the hearts of audiences with his role of Peter Kavinsky in 'To All the boys I have loved before'. He played Lara Jean's (Lana Candor) fake boyfriend. The role got him attention because it strayed from the usual high school lead characters you see in romcoms and sit-coms. He is one of the seven people Lara wrote letters to when she had a crush, locking away each letter safely in her wardrobe. Lara's sister Kitty finds the letters and posts them all, leading Peter to approach her. Only, Lara is interested in Josh who is her sister's ex-boyfriend and Lara's longtime crush. Peter and Lara decide to fake a relationship to get the attention of people they each like, but only end up liking each other.

He was also seen in 'Sierra Borges is a big Loser' in which he becomes a victim of voice phishing. We then have 'SPF 18,' in which Centineo plays a bad boy surfer dude and all of his movies have at least one Centineo moment you are sure to swoon over. Here are our top 7 moments before the release of his upcoming Netflix movie 'The Perfect Date'!

1. When he hands Lara Jean her favorite yogurt


In 'To All the boys I have loved before', Peter travels all the way to the other side of the town to get his girlfriend her favorite yogurt drink for when they go on a bus trip to a party. When he tells Lara that he had packed it for them to have in the bus, it really is adorable. The scene that unfolds of the two of them in the hot tub is one of the most romantic of scenes in summer romcoms released in 2018. 


2. When Lara and Peter sit down to sign the contract

Peter and Lara start out as fake boyfriend-girlfriend in the movie. Lara wants to gain the attention of Josh, who she has been crushing on for a while and Peter wants to get back at his ex-girlfriend Gen, who was at one point, Lara's best friend. So, the two sit down to sign a contract and when it comes to how far the two can go physically, Lara says he can put his hands in her back pocket, like in '16 candles'. Peter's clueless look at this point will have you burst out laughing and swooning at the same time. 

3. Love notes that he writes for Lara

As a part of the contract, Peter tells Lara he could maybe write her love notes everyday. He is nonchalant about it initially, but the scene later in the film, where Lara reads the notes he had written for her everyday, melts your heart and he proves he is a heartthrob.


4. When Peter asks Lara, 'You gonna break my heart Covey?'


Towards the end of the film, on a lacrosse field, Lara and Peter are about to live their happily ever after. They have now sorted out all the misunderstandings that plagued their relationship and just before the kiss Peter asks Lara, "You gonna break my heart Covey?" It is a KO for Peter Kavinsky!

5. When Noah Centineo goes shirtless for 'Sierra Burgess is a Big Loser'


In 'To all the boys I have loved before' Noah doesn't take his shirt off much, excluding the hot tub scene of course. In 'Sierra Burgess is a Big Loser' there is a scene of the actor as Jamey working out before sending a picture to Sierra (Shannon Purser), who he believes is Veronica (Kristine Forseth). While he might not have a six-pack-chiseled ab that we could objectify, he does the charming boy next door roles pretty convincingly. 

6. The problematic kissing scene, but we love us a Centineo moment

'Sierra Burgess is a big Loser' as a film is problematic in many ways including how Sierra fools Jamey into believing she is someone else and this scene is the epitome of the problem. However, even amid all this, Centineo doesn't fail to capture your heart as he asks, "Are you planning to abandon me?" (Because he is asked to close his eyes by Veronica so that he can kiss Sierra without knowing it).


7. The moment he saved the bowl of popcorn during a pillow fight

C'mon! You have to admit that it was one of the most adorable scenes in the film. Peter, Kitty, and Lara are spending an evening together watching TV while Peter and Kitty start fighting with the pillows, but before they go overboard with it, Peter takes the bowl of popcorn kept on the sofa and puts it away from harm's way. This was one of the most talked about scenes in the film and why not? It was completely improvised after all.

Noah Centineo's 'Perfect Date' is slated to release April 12 on Netflix.

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