'Being sad is such a beautiful thing': Noah Centineo of 'Sierra Burgess is a Loser' is nothing like your regular teenage rom-com sensations

All of 22, Noah Centineo amassed heavy fan following within weeks of the release of his first movie 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before'

                            'Being sad is such a beautiful thing': Noah Centineo of 'Sierra Burgess is a Loser' is nothing like your regular teenage rom-com sensations

Anybody who has not been living under a rock will know the crazy internet sensation that Noah Centineo has become. And they - at least the majority female populace among them - will agree that every bit of that sensationalization is well deserved for the insanely cute 22-year-old who grabbed us by the heart and wrapped us in his rolled up sleeves.

For those of you who cannot relate, Centineo is just another of your regular teen rom-com faces who has managed to gain massive popularity with his performance in Netflix's 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before'. He plays the adorable Peter Kavinsky in the classic rom-com that shows a very cutesy, mushy side to a fake relationship evolving into a real one.

But that isn't all Centineo is capable of. There must be something that sets him apart from the countless young actors who have emerged through the genre in the near past. And if you're wondering what exactly is the defining trait that makes him so unique - click no further than his Twitter handle.


You see, Centineo - whose latest movie 'Sierra Burgess is a Loser' released on Netflix on Friday - isn't your regular 22-year-old young thug, nor is he a shy, carefree guy trying to charm his way through the industry with his awkwardness. Noah is funny without being offensive; deep at the same time, without being incomprehensible. He might play the stereotypical jock or the regular nerd in his movie roles, but in real life, he's just a lowkey guy you want to shower your love on.

His performances in the Netflix originals - both 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' and 'Sierra Burgess is a Loser' - are pretty neat. His acting is crisp and just the right amount to make you want to root for his character even when he isn't doing something overly great on screen. Which automatically makes you think of the dreamy Troy Bolton from 'High School Musical' and the ever so carefree Gerry from 'PS I Love You'. But Noah isn't just that. 


This boy is intense and relatable at the same time. Take this little bit of detail he shared about his high school life with Us Weekly: “When I was in high school, I wasn’t a nerd, I wasn’t a jock. I wasn’t a bad kid. I just flew under the radar with my homies. It’s always great.” Pretty basic, right? But then he adds: “High school is cool, especially that first love mentality. That’s what 'Sierra Burgess' captures is, like, his first moment of love. That’s what I love. I like that innocence," and boom - suddenly you want to treasure this boy, not for his adorable face, but for the wonderful way his mind works.

In his early 20s, it's almost like Centineo has captured and grasped all the finer nuances of what makes life worthwhile. If his looks are not exactly your type, his words documented on social networking sites are bound to make you reconsider that lack of fondness, and suddenly you find yourself wishing the men of your age (that is if you're unlucky enough to be older than him like me) were more along his lines. 

True, Centineo gained most of his fame as boyfriend goals with his portrayal of Peter in 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before', but 'The Fosters' alum goes from popular jock on-screen to an intense poet online and you start finding similarities between him in real life, and the likes of Heath Ledger's Patrick Verona in '10 Things I Hate About You', with a dash of James Dean suave.


Perhaps the most striking thing about Centineo that has made thousands of women both under and above his age drool over him, is the level of intellectual maturity he seems to drip at such a young age. It's the kind of emotional wavelength that you're not unaccustomed to find in men who fall in that age group, but here comes a tall, muscular boy who looks like your regular guy, but in reality is a huge pile of wisdom with regards to all things about love, life, and emotions.

Take his words on his latest movie 'Sierra Burgess is a Loser', for example. Dabbling on the theme of self-love the film relays, he told The Young Folk: "Being at your deepest level of insecurity and your highest level of self-love, they’re just different rungs on the same ladder. I think before you get to self-love, you really have to look at your insecurities and your demons and confront them to avoid them controlling you."


But self-acceptance struggles aren't the only things this young boy is a pro at. His take on the two primary movie roles he has done so far is quite unique too. "Well, the difference, for sure is that Jamey in Sierra Burgess is far more intelligent," Centineo told The Young Folk. "He’s more soulful. He’s not just concerned with his immediate world but thinks more globally while Peter K. is way more self-centered and egotistical, but I love both the characters. They both embody different types of young men but both are respectful, first and foremost."

And that makes sense because he actually has been acting for ages, debuting with the Disney series 'Austin and Ally' before moving on to 'The Fosters'.

Oh, and he was that absolute cutie dancing his way into Camilla Cabello's heart in the music video of her song 'Havanna' too. With all these cute boys characters he seems to have been typecasted into, you'd think that would be Centineo's off-screen persona too, but the young Mark Ruffalo lookalike is quite the opposite of that.

For one, he tweets some deep words like: "My mom says we’re like the sun and the moon. Just because two forces are great doesn’t mean they belong together. The rhythm of the world is great because they are in their own orbit." And with great words like those comes in a great surge of follower counts too, but he is not even remotely bothered about that either. “It hasn’t really affected me yet,” he told W magazine. “Whatever the numbers are, it’s just a device, you know? It’s not like all of a sudden, I have 2.4 million people with me all the time. Nothing’s really changed in my day today.”


But then, why the dark words on social media that have somehow appealed to every young girl on the platform, leading him to become the internet's new boyfriend? Because, according to Centineo, "Being sad is such a beautiful thing! We’ve been given the full spectrum of emotions for good reason, and it helps us be happy in my opinion. I think it’s totally normal to be sad, or angry, or frustrated, hopeless at moments. I don’t think we would’ve been given these things if they were bad."

Of course, he knows how to maintain balance and not overload it by romanticizing a negative emotion, but at the same time, his intense words are way beyond what one would expect from a 22-year-old boy these days. "I think I use writing as a catharsis," he told W magazine.

"I feel sometimes that I’d like to share that with people, so Instagram becomes a vehicle. It’s about giving forms of expression that have come from me to people with the hope that maybe they read it and can identify or relate to it, or maybe even learn something or have a thought. If I can inspire one spark of awareness or get a spark of introspection or reflection about someone else’s life, that’s a beautiful thing, in my opinion."


And if that doesn't convince you enough that Centineo is a gem we should treasure, cherish and protect at all costs, this might help you reach the conclusion: "Our path is marked by the days that slip into the past and shatter in our wake," reads a tweet from him. "And even though we can recall the fragments, we can never reclaim the moments. The pieces that remain are my treasure. My heart, my treasure chest. Gratitude to the most high for the life that’s given."

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