‘Blick Blick’: Nicki Minaj rejoins Coi Leray after canceling verse, trolls say song 'tanked'

Nicki Minaj had reportedly canceled her verse after Coi Leray’s father Benzino shared that the fans might soon get to see their joint track

                            ‘Blick Blick’: Nicki Minaj rejoins Coi Leray after canceling verse, trolls say song 'tanked'
Coi Leray and Nicki Minaj on the cover of new single 'Blick Blick' (Photo by [email protected])

Coi Leray, who has had a number of hits in 2021, decided to level up her game in 2022 by joining hands with the queen of rap Nicki Minaj for her brand new single called ‘Blick Blick.’ This is the very first time when two came together for a song. The track quickly grabbed one of the top spots on Twitter as hip-hop fans rushed to streaming platforms to bump the latest.
The new song, however, had run into a controversy after Nicki had dropped off the verse from ‘Blick Blick’. The move came after Coi Leray’s father Benzino shared on the Clubhouse app that the fans might soon get to see Coi and Nicki’s joint track. However, he later apologized for his actions via Twitter. Nicki had canceled her verse on the song but hopped back explaining the reason recently on Twitter. Coi, on the other hand, seemed ecstatic with the new release as she showered praises on Nicki claiming her heart was pure and she have her 100 percent.
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Nicki Minaj joins hands with Coi Leray month after canceling her verse

Taking to Twitter a few days ago, Nicki confessed that she did pull the verse off but her record label got her going hard.  “I did pull it. but the label hit me going hard”, said Nicki adding, ”But rlly I had a private convo w|coi & that’s what changed my mind. Not the label. I just felt bad that she was robbed of telling the world in her own way @ her own time. But that’s water under the bridge now. Good vibes all 2022.” In another tweet she boasted about her flow in the new single saying, “And no you won’t be able to learn the verse right away so don’t try. Breath control. Breathe. Meditate. Diction exercises. Do that for the next 4 days. Then maybe. but I can’t make any promithis promithis promithis #BlickBlick 3.18.22.”
Coi, on the day of the release i.e. Friday, March 18 took to her Twitter and praised Nicki saying, “Her heart is pure. I had the dopest conversation with her. She keep it 100 and I love that about her. And her voice is so soft s**t f**k around hypnotize you.”

Speaking of the lyrics, Coi in her song raps, “All these diamonds different color, color, color/ I done ran up all these commas, commas, commas/ Eat the cookie like a Nutterbutter-butter-butter/ Lick this pu**y like just fa-la-la-la-la.” Nicki, on the other hand sticks to her usual hard-hitting punches while spitting, “Every (N-word) tryna pop, ain' the next Woo (Oop)/ Don't run up in my DM, R.I.P. to X too (Ooh)/ Check who/ (N-word)'ll really spin your block if Queen send a text through/ Textin' with Jeff Bezos (Bezos)/ 'Bout to cop new Dracos (Dracos)/ Opps is on the block, we 'bout to spin it like tornadoes ('Nadoes)/ I'm 'bout to put some Louis seats inside my Lambo' (Lambo').” The music video of the song will soon hit the official YouTube channel of Coi Leray. You can stream the song here









‘Mid and mid has released mid’

Coi and Nicki’s brand new single ‘Blick Blick’ got a mixed bag of reactions. “No matter how crazy situations get for Nicki, wether caused her haters or supporters it will always give her something to WRITE about! She be coming up with FIRE bars pertaining to recent situations that happened AND we LIVEEEE”, said one fan whereas, another joked, “Mid and mid has released mid.”
One claimed the song, “tanked so hard.” Another user trolled the song saying, “Another covid strain.”  The next one posted, “Cardi B found crying as we speak.” Whereas, one user added, “This song #BlickBlick is so a**, nicki ate tho as usual.” Another shared, “They comin to end these rap b**hs and take their money.” And, one concluded, “@NICKIMINAJ you know you wrong eating @coi_leray up like that!! Y’all both spazz but ONIKA (fire).”


















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