Did Nicki Minaj cancel collab with Coi Leray? Here's why Barbz dragged Doja Cat into mess

Did Nicki Minaj cancel collab with Coi Leray? Here's why Barbz dragged Doja Cat into mess
Coi Leray, Nick Minaj and Doja Cat (Photos by Rich Fury/Dimitrios Kambouris/Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Nicki Minaj, who made a smashing comeback with Lil Baby on the song ‘Do We Have a Problem’, might not be up for any more collaborations in the near future as she recently announced the same on Instagram. The big move reportedly came after Coi Leray’s father Benzino shared on the Clubhouse app that the fans might soon get to see Coi and Nicki’s joint track. However, he later apologized for his actions via Twitter.
Chaos ensued on the Internet soon after Coi took to Twitter to react to the news. Before the social media users could express their concern over the same, one of Nicki Minaj’s reply to a fan got viral for all the wrong reasons. In the post, the Queen of Rap apparently took a shade at her own fans after they dragged Doja Cat into the mess. The post claimed that Nicki Minaj’s fans fondly known as Barbz will lose calm if Nicki won’t collaborate with Doja. Confusion followed as the fans of Nicki, Coi and Doja clashed over with whom the former should collaborate.
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‘Every time I turn my head it’s some evil s**t going on’

Coi Leray’s father Benzino over the weekend first dropped a hint about her daughter’s collaboration with Nicki, as reported by Hot New Hip Hop, “She got the song with Nicki Minaj that's gonna be coming out that's gonna be crazy.” Nicki took to her Instagram stories and cleared the air on the matter. "I don't have a collab coming with anyone” adding, “Onika mode. Love you." Hours later Coi Leray took to Twitter and it seems she reacted to Nicki’s Instagram post saying, “Every time I turn my head it’s some evil s**t going on.”
Benzino then took to Twitter with an intention to apologize for his statement. He stated, “I just wanna apologize to Coi, Nicki everyone involved, I meant no harm nor did I mean to offend or disrespect anyone. I know better, it’s a business of trust and I broke that. I feel horrible and sad. I am 100 percent in the wrong and it will never happen again. Smh." For the unversed, Nicki Minaj has earlier collaborated with Doja Cat on the song ‘Say So’ that became one of the top songs of 2019 and also the latter’s first number one hit.








‘Nicki wasn’t shading Doja at all, she was shading the Barbz’

“This whole thing blew way out of proportion the Barbz being weird and annoying about a coi collab had no reason to be that upset & then nicki tweeting encrypted s**t, then you got some other barbz talking about doja for some reason”, said one user as another posted, “Y’all what the f**k is happening my tl in shambles. One side is about The Coi thing, another is people saying Nicki isn’t shading Doja, and the other is talking about sum [CLOSED].” The next one added, “Why are y’all mad with people Nicki’s working with? “I prefer Doja collab rather than Coi”, okay? It’s Nicki’s right and choice to collab with Coi. She’s not y’all’s slave. Stfu.”
One user posted, “Coi is good y'all need to sthu the only current female y'all want Nicki to collab w is Doja.” Another shared, “They was dragging coi calling her names and eveytime nicki works with anyone the barbz attack her to work with doja and they start disrespecting the rapper she works with.” One tweeted, “I’m all here for the Coi x Nicki collab idk why the Barbz hating… Chile a mess you won’t get a Doja collab w/ that clown a** behaviour y’all grown. So act like it. Nicki don’t owe you s**t.” And, another claimed, “Nicki wasn’t shading Doja at all, she was shading the barbz that we’re getting on her nerves cause they were complaining about the CoiLeray collab and also why would Nicki just shade someone who’s she shown sm love to and when Dojas shown sm love back.” One user concluded, “Firstly, Girl you need to STFU if don't know s**t Nicki was talking the messy barbz that mad she was collabing with coileray and it wasn't Doja stop talking out your neck if you don't know shit about, secondly she wasn't shading Doja & doesn't need to shade new female rappers.”



















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