Rolling Ray accuses Coi Leray of stealing his 'prrr', Internet trolls them for arguing over 'noise from a cat'

Rolling Ray accuses Coi Leray of stealing his 'prrr', Internet trolls them for arguing over 'noise from a cat'
Coi Leray and Rolling Ray are currently embroiled in a beef over the sound 'prrr' (@coileray, @iamrollingray/Instagram)

Music artiste and social media star Rolling Ray, who was in the hospital in January after accidentally being set on fire, is trending again for all but a "purr". The great debate over who was the first to say "purr-prrr" puzzled the public on Wednesday, March 24. 

A beef brewed over the sound "prrr" that confused rap fans across Twitter. Social media influencers and artistes often attempt to coin their own terms and phrases, not only to stand out from the crowd but also in order to hopefully create a new "it" word that can then take the world by storm. Currently, it looks as though rapper Coi Leray and social media figure Rolling Ray are haing a bit of a tiff over who was the first to make "prrr" popular.


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Ray, who has been purring his way through social media for a while now noticed that Coi Leray often likes to use the word on her own tracks. "Aw @coileray Trying steal my worddddddd... aw i hate that for her," he wrote on Instagram to a video where he reiterated his stance. Rapper Leray responded with an audio message, saying: "First of all, I'm not big 'purr'.  It's not 'purr'. I'm big 'prrr'. It's a difference. Stop playin' with me."

Ray brought Leray's father Benzino up since Leray recently engaged in a social media back-and-forth with her dad, causing the rapper to clap back, according to Hot New Hiphop. "Now n****s wanna bring my dad in it," she tweeted. "Misery loves company!! ANYWAYSS IM ONLY DOING SH*T THATS GONNA MAKE ME ELEVATE !! B*TCH !!!" 


'The Rays are fighting'

Netizens were both confused and amused and had quite a laugh over the exchange. "Not Rolling Ray and Coi Leray beefing. The ray’s are fighting," said a tweet. Others were brutal, saying things like, "DIDNT rolling ray just get burned (literally) for talking about people? He need to be quiet." 

"This is how I know something is wrong with rolling Ray. ain’t no way you almost burned off half of your head and still got shit to say bout ppl. I would have been somewhere sitting back quiet," said another. "Rolling ray and Coi Leroy sound like maya angelou and Riley freeman fighting," wrote a user.










'Arguing over a noise that originated from a cat'

"Garfield, Salem & Simba gonna form a team & sue Rolling Ray for 'purr'," noted a user. "Rolling ray needs to have writing credits on that big purr song, I thought the song was already out," said another. "I was today years old when I found out Rolling Ray made up the word 'Purr'," quipped a user. "Rolling Ray and Coi Leray arguing over a noise that originated from a Cat", said another.








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