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Nicki Minaj trolled for asking Lil Wayne's favorite sex position: 'Trying to get a divorce?'

Nicki Minaj had announced that she will go live for a 'very important' announcement but ended up asking about Lil Wayne's favorite sex position
Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne (Ben Gabbe/Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne (Ben Gabbe/Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

The last time Nicki Minaj hopped on her Instagram Live session, she broke the internet as she called her dear friend and hip-hop icon Drake for a quick chat. The ‘Anaconda’ hitmaker then again sent her fans into a tizzy on Thursday, July 8, after she surprised everyone by calling her close friend and mentor Lil Wayne for a fun chat on her Instagram Live session.

The 38-year-old emcee had announced a few days ago that she will go live for an important announcement but did not reveal Wayne’s name on the guest list. The hashtag “NickiDay” was heavily trending on Twitter. All was going well until Nicki asked Wayne his favorite sex position, which led to a massive meme-fest on Twitter. For the unversed, Nicki was discovered by Wayne in the early 2000s and they both share a deep bond.  

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‘What is your favorite sex position?’

While in the beginning both the iconic rappers discussed their songs getting featured in the best rap verses of 2021, their chat soon turned personal when Nicki dropped the unthinkable question on Wayne. The ‘A Milli’ hitmaker happily obliged Nicki with a detailed answer.

Starting on a very direct note, Wayne said, “On top, on top in all positions (in life) not just sex or in bed. When you are on top, you can ask the other to stop moving.” Nicki giggled throughout and interrupted him by saying, “If the legs don’t go all the way up, then you ain’t doing it right.” Wayne continued, “I like it when we lay down and she could look at me just to see the power she has over me at such a moment. I ain’t humping back. When I am on top - I am a powerful mother****r.” Nicki also brought singer-songwriter Bia with her later as the former announced the release of ‘Whole Lotta Money’ remix. The original version of the song was featured on Bia’s 2020 EP ‘For Certain’, which dropped back in December 2020.




‘Is she trying to get a divorce?’

Social media users, who kept a close eye on Nicki’s Instagram Live session, had a field day after the rapper got real personal with Wayne. One user stated, “She must run sh*t at home bc most men ain’t going for that.” Another posted, “Drake heard Nicki ask Wayne bout sex positions and dipped.” One added, “Not Nicki and Lil Wayne having sex position talk for me.” Another said, "Nicki Minaj sat on Instagram Live telling Drake to stop texting her and was asking Lil Wayne about what type of sex he likes. Keep it up. Is she trying to get a divorce?"
The next one shared, “I just took in that bia was in the room the whole time nicki and wayne were talking about sex.” Meanwhile one asserted, “Nicki was really asking wayne about his favorite sex position when i literally called off from work and skipped the gym to know what the “very very big” announcement was about #NickiDay.” One chimed in and posted, “Nicki asking Wayne sex questions and say her husband wouldn’t mind lol bruh when ya rich ya don’t care bout sh*t probably.” One user said, “Watching Nicki’s live to see Drake but she’s discussing sex positions with Wayne. I thought this was a classy party? Another user concluded, “Nicki needs to stop talking about little Wayne sex life and announce some music on this live.”