'New Amsterdam' Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Max, Helen bid adieu in midseason finale?

'Death is the rule. Life is the Exception' is more of a life lesson than a story. And it throws enough surprises

                            'New Amsterdam' Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Max, Helen bid adieu in midseason finale?
Freema Agyeman as Dr. Helen Sharpe and Ryan Eggold as Dr Max Goodwin in ‘New Amsterdam’ season 4 (NBC)

Contains spoilers for 'Death is the rule. Life is the Exception'

A superbug has taken control of 'New Amsterdam' and that probably is the last bit of catastrophe that was needed to flick Max Goodwin's (Ryan Eggold) mind to perhaps stay back in the hospital. However, his biggest task is to see how he can probably convince Helen (Freema Agyeman) to stay back, considering he says JFK to the taxi driver in the final seconds of the emotionally-charged midseason finale.

It's not exactly goodbye, but for the time being, it sounds like it is. 'Death is the rule. Life is the Exception' is more of a life lesson than a story. There are certain twists over the course of the episode and that would mean these will be the plotlines that will be explored when the season returns after the midseason break. We breaking down the storyline into four parts to better review the characters and their arcs:

Max and Helen: Question mark about their return

Their duties as doctors first may have seen them make that selfless move of delaying their flight and helping the hospital combat the superbug threat, but in the end, it is clear that Max is still in two minds. Torn between his unwavering commitment to the hospital and his newfound relationship with Helen, the former MD has a decision to make. Although they do leave for JFK, what's to not stop them from asking the cab to turn around? Because the Veronica Fuentes threat is far from done and the hospital, under her supervision is in dire straits anyway.

Floyd and Malvo: After she reveals she's pregnant

Jocko Sims and Francie Turner as Floyd and Lyn in 'New Amsterdam' (NBC)


But the question is, whose baby is it? Claude Baptiste or Floyd Reynolds' (Jocko Sims)? One of the conversations throughout the episode was about the duo discussing how complicated the relationship would be, for which Floyd is ready for "complicated". This development certainly serves as a new storyline for the remainder of the season.

Will Leyla Shinwari and Lauren Bloom break up?

Lauren Bloom and Leyla Shinwari (NBC)


When Leyla (Shiva Kalaiselvan) learns of Lauren's (Janet Montgomery) donation that gets her a resident seat at New Amsterdam, it fractures their relationship although Lauren tearfully confesses that she did for her and for the two of them. However, in what can be looked at as fair logic, Shinwari wanted to earn that resident slot rather than have it gifted to her. The second-most loved relationship on the show seems to have taken a bit of a hit, but with the season still remaining, this drama will surely see more tears and kisses.

Dr Iggy Frome's storyline: Was it necessary?

Tyler Labine's Iggy Frome has been one of the characters whose arc has drastically changed in season 4. Iggy went from teaching his wards all the way to being forced to treat patients again. As if this wasn't enough, he copped a blow from one of the parents after their son dies in the hospital due to the superbug. This was truly uncalled for, considering the string of events in the hospital. Perhaps, a lot more of Floyd and Malvo would have made sense.

'New Amsterdam' Season 4 began on a strong note and has made sure all key characters get their share of the spotlight. The pattern does continue in the midseason finale, but there could have been more focus on the story that needed to be explained the most. Nonetheless, this one is sure to leave the show's ardents happy and speculating until it returns.

'New Amsterdam' airs Tuesday nights at 10 pm ET on NBC. It returns on January 4, 2022. 

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