Netflix 'Sky Rojo' Season 2 Ending Explained: Did Coral survive? Season 3 seems likely

'Sky Rojo' Season 2 is surely high on action, but did the girls get their freedom?

                            Netflix 'Sky Rojo' Season 2 Ending Explained: Did Coral survive? Season 3 seems likely
'Sky Rojo' Season 2 stars Lali Esposito, Veronica Sanchez and Yany Prado in lead roles (Netflix)

Spoilers for 'Sky Rojo' Season 2

Season 2 of ‘Sky Rojo’ has finally made its way to Netflix and fans are getting to the streaming platform to see what Coral, Gina, and Wendy have in store for them. The previous edition ended on a massive cliffhanger and we saw Coral (Veronica Sanchez) fighting Romeo (Asier Etxeandia) in the club. However, he took up too much cocaine and ended up on the floor and it felt that he was breathing his last.

The latest season starts where the previous edition ended. Coral was trying to get out of the club while Wendy (Lali Esposito) and Gina (Yany Prado) were trying to save their lives. However, Moises (Miguel Angel Silvestre) and Christian (Enric Auquer) are still behind them and want to kill them. The best part of Season 1 was the fun element and that’s what is missing this time around. The show has been created by the creators of 'Money Heist': Alex Pina and Esther Martinez Lobato.


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After coming back from a very dangerous situation, the trio wants to ruin Romeo by stealing his money. On the other hand, Christian and Moises have also taken the decision to live freely and take Romeo’s money away.

How would they do it? And what will happen if both groups come in front of each other? Let’s take a look at what happened at the end.

A still from 'Sky Rojo' (Netflix)

‘Sky Rojo’ Season 2 Ending Explained

In the sixth episode, Christian and Moises decide to flee but Romeo has kidnapped their mother. So, they make a plan to steal Romeo’s money and take their mother in return for the millions of dollars. Meanwhile, the trio kidnaps a man called Fermin that will help them in their endeavor. Fermin was one of the guys who abused Wendy at one of the parties and wanted to take revenge. So, they used him for the robbery.

The girls reach a hotel and capture Fermin inside the bathroom when Gina and Coral head out to take weapons for the robbery. Weirdly, there were weapons under a grave in the cemetery. In the hotel room, the manager of the hotel mixes something in a water bottle and tries to sexually assault Wendy. But the manager sees Fermin and tries killing him. He slips and hits the wall. It kills him instantly.

A few moments later, they get the racing gear and take a car to steal the money. But they don’t know that Moises and Christian are also doing the same. They confront each other in the middle of nowhere and the girls manage to take the money, but Christian gets to see Wendy’s tattoo and tells Romeo that it was the girls who did all this.

On the other hand, they have taken Moises as a hostage. Elsewhere, Gina, Wendy, and Fermin take some amount of money to reach the port while Coral waits in the warehouse with the money. She told them that she’ll reach the port when they would call her. But, Moises frees himself and hits Coral so hard that she loses her left eye. As soon as he tries to kill her, Wendy and Gina get there to rescue her.

Veronica Sanchez as Coral in 'Sky Rojo' (Netflix)

Meanwhile, Romeo tells Christian to tell where his brother is because he feels Moises is helping the girls. When Christian fails to tell him where his brother was, he leaves him there to die. Back in the warehouse, Moises and Coral are adamant about killing each other, but they could not. At that time, Wendy tells her that she needs to let it go if she wants to start a new life.

They left the city and entered the ferry that took them away from Romeo. However, Romeo called Moises and lied to him that the girls killed him. Moises is completely broken after his brother’s death and doesn’t say anything.

The season ends with Wendy, Coral, and Gina finally getting the freedom they wanted. In the final moments, we see Moises telling Romeo that “we lost the battle, but the war is still not over.” It seems the story is not over yet and we are surely going to see another season. Romeo has lost the money and this is the first time she has lost the track of the girls who were working for him. They took everything away from him, including his money. So, he won’t be letting them get away so easily.

Let’s see when the official announcement comes.