'Sky Rojo' Season 2: Fans say they're getting 'Charlie's Angels' vibes from new season

'Sky Rojo' Season 2 stars Lali Esposito, Veronica Sanchez and Yany Prado

                            'Sky Rojo' Season 2: Fans say they're getting 'Charlie's Angels' vibes from new season
Fans have been noticing similarities between 'Sky Rojo' Season 2 and 'Charlie's Angels' (Netflix/movie cover)

Three glamorous women, check, guns blazing check, perfectly tousled hair in the midst of a high octane car chase, check. If it sounds to you like we're describing Charlie’s Angels, you’re not alone. The trailer of the second season of ‘Sky Rojo’ has fans seeing striking similarities between the two trios. Season 2 of 'Sky Rojo' sees the trio of Wendy (Lali Esposito) Coral (Veronica Sanchez) and Gina (Yany Prado) who have been on the run from pimp and club owner Romeo (Asier Etxeandia) and his henchmen now ready to take on their oppressors all guns blazing.

Season 1 ended on quite the cliffhanger for all the main characters. Wendy was shot in the abdomen by Moises (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) just before he fell into a huge trap that the girls had set for him and Coral was attacked by a furious Romeo when she headed back to the club to get back the girls' passports and some cash. If 'Sky Rojo' sounds of interest to you then you may also enjoy shows like 'Money Heist', 'Narcos', and Spanish teen drama 'Elite'.


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'Sky Rojo' stars Lali Esposito, Veronica Sanchez and Yany Prado (Netflix)

You may wonder why the similarities between 'Sky Rojo and 'Charlie's Angels' seem, even more, stark this season. After all, both the franchises have always had three good looking women at its centre. Well, that is probably because in the last season of 'Sky Rojo' we saw the girls in the roles of the oppressed, this time however they've got scores to settle and after their near-death experiences seem to be unapologetic and fearless about getting their pound of flesh, all while looking fabulous of course.

Fans are already extremely excited about the 'Charlie’s Angels' deja vu the 'Sky Rojo' trailer has set off. One fan on YouTube said, "I feel like watching " Charlie angles ". Another fan on YouTube echoed the sentiment in another language, "Los Angeles de Charlie?" Fans are already predicting that Season 2 with the girls in their new avatars is going to be a lot more exciting and the fans have already started clamoring for Season 3 when Season 2 isn't even out yet. One fan on YouTube said, "This looks so much better than the first one!!! Let's get a season 3 y'all 😝😊". Another fan on YouTube echoed the sentiment saying, "This new season looks MORE EXPLOSIVE than the first one, and I didn't know that was possible... F*CK I CANT WAIT FOR THIIIIISS!!!!"

If you're in the mood for some action 'Charlie's Angels' style Season 2 of 'Sky Rojo' premieres on July 23 on Netflix. Catch the trailer below. 


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