Who is Lali Esposito dating? 'Sky Rojo' star sparks romance rumors with director David Victori

Who is Lali Esposito dating? 'Sky Rojo' star sparks romance rumors with director David Victori
Lali Esposito stars in 'Sky Rojo' (Netflix)

Lali Esposito may be a huge star in her native Argentina, but it is with her role as Wendy on the Spanish thriller 'Sky Rojo' that she truly shot to international fame. It seems like the series has not just brought her luck professionally but has also reportedly brought her love. 

Rumors have been swirling for a while that Lali is dating the director of 'Sky Rojo' David Victori. But when Lali and David were actually spotted out on a date, fans were still surprised. Not just had Lali publicly announced that she was single, but she had also come out of a four-year-long relationship with her long-term boyfriend and sound engineer Santiago Mocorrea. This was a breakup fans never saw coming, considering how close Lali and Santiago were on social media. If shows like 'Sky Rojo' interest you, then you will probably also enjoy series such as 'Money Heist', 'Narcos' and 'Somos.'


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However, Santiago and Lali seemed to have managed a more than amicable breakup. In September 2020, when Lali tweeted that the two were going their separate ways, she wrote in Spanish: "I want to tell you from my mouth, to avoid any misunderstandings or misinformation, that Santi and I have decided to separate. We love each other and respect each other deeply. This is our decision today."


Santiago responded to this tweet with a heart emoji. However, Lali reportedly didn't remain single for too long and was soon spotted on dates with 'Sky Rojo' director David. A star and her director dating may sound like the biggest cliche but let's face it, it's a combination that also has potential for some serious romance. But before you start building castles in the air for the 'Sky Rojo' actor and director, Lali rather refreshingly is candid that she and David aren't exactly in a very serious space at the moment.


In an interview with Teleshow about her relationship status with David, Lali said, "We are friends, we are partners. And he's the best. Of course, we love each other a lot and I'm not going to hide anything... That would be stupid. We are living in the moment, with a lot of affection. But we are free people."

You can catch more of Lali as she plays Wendy once again on Season 2 of 'Sky Rojo' which premieres on Netflix on July 23. Catch the trailer below. 


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