Netflix's 'Sex Education' season 2 filming begins as teaser hints at Adam and Eric possibly getting together

Netflix's 'Sex Education' season 2 filming begins as teaser hints at Adam and Eric possibly getting together

Attention, fans of 'Sex Education'! The Netflix show that garnered waves of critical acclaim for its coming-of-age story portrayed in all its feminist and multidimensional glory has officially begun filming its second season, as was announced by the streaming network's official Twitter handle in the cheekiest manner possible.

While the network urged fans to expect "more w*nking and more heartwarming moments in equal measure" in the upcoming season, it is the hints it laid down when it comes to the relationship between its characters Adam Groff and Eric Effoing, that is to watch out for.

Netflix revealed the little update about season 2 of 'Sex Education' alongside a video of the cast members reunited for a table read ahead of filming the second installment of the show which debuted just months ago. And in that script reading, as the actors one by one flip through the pages, they immediately turn to the camera to express their reactions on finding out the plot arc of their characters in the second season.

Which takes us to Ncuti Gatwa and Connor Swindells - the actors who play Eric and Adam, respectively - as they are all laughter and smirks when it comes to their reactions to the story.


This could only mean one thing: There's a high chance the two characters might be getting back together! Major spoiler alert, but after the bully (Adam) and the bullied (Eric) culminate their problematic dynamic into oral sex and blatant hand grazing towards the end of season 1, Adam's father - the headmaster of the school he goes to - sends him off to military school, which eventually leads to snapping their budding relationship.

And while the two ending up together was deemed quite problematic by a lot of fans, considering it is, after all, a relationship between the abuser and the abused, there is no denying the chemistry between the two was magnetic and quite refreshing to see in a coming-of-age story in recent times.


Even though some fans are firm believers in Eric deserving someone who hasn't gone out of their way to hurt him intentionally, creator Laurie Nunn explained their relationship in an interview with Thrillist, sharing: "I think if you rewatch the series we very much were telling a love story through bullying with Eric and Adam. Even though in some ways in episode eight it feels like a twist it really is there throughout every episode, the feeling that they have with each other and how kind of confused that is. Adam is just desperate for connection... The fact that he bullies people and in particular Eric is his way of looking for intimacy in the world. It will be interesting to see where that takes him now that he's developed a new part of himself after episode eight. It's very sad and it's definitely a cliffhanger in terms what might happen in the future between those two characters."



Let's add to that where the plot of the show hangs after the season 1 finale. Adam is yet to apologize to Eric for all the torture he has put the latter through. Which is also what leaves scope for speculating that maybe Eric and Adam do not get back together after all, but the big smiles and cheeky grins on the table-read video could mean their characters find newer love interests in the second season.

In an interview, Gatwa, who plays Eric, said: "I'd be quite excited for Eric to find love, because he's got a lot of love to give, and it would be quite nice for it to be returned." So ErAm or not, we can definitely hope for a spicy love story approaching Eric's way in season 2 of 'Sex Education'!

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