Netflix 'Nevertheless': Air time, how to live stream JTBC K-drama

Netflix 'Nevertheless': Air time, how to live stream JTBC K-drama
Song Kang as Park Jae-eon and Han So-hee as Yoo Na-bi in 'Nevertheless' (Netflix/YouTube)

Finding love is unpredictable. Some lucky people find their soulmates in an instant, but for others, it's a never-ending journey of heartache, which often results in people putting up walls around their hearts. 'Nevertheless' is a story of two people who find solace in each other, although neither would dare admit that they might have found love.

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Air time and how to live stream

JTBC's 'Nevertheless,' premieres on June 19 at 11 pm KST (June 20 at 7 am PT). The series will also be available internationally on Netflix on June 19, 2020. 




After a bad experience with love, Yoo Na-bi doesn't believe in the concept any longer. While she does want to date, she has become disillusioned with the ideas of fate and destiny. However, things seem to change when she meets Park Jae-eon. 

A player of sorts, Park Jae-eon enjoys flirting with women but doesn't want to be tied down with the expectations that come with being in a committed, exclusive relationship. He enjoys toying with people's emotions but keeps a stronghold on his own, never revealing how he truly feels. The two of them cross paths, and soon, sparks fly between them and their chemistry is electric. For the first time, Park Jae-eon finds someone he wants to cross the line of love with. But with Yoo Na-bi's walls around her heart as high as ever, will he be able to prove how he feels despite his reputation?


The series looks at the concept of love and intimacy in a very realistic way and the transformation that relationships go through when titles are attached to it.


Han So-hee

Han So-hee plays Yoo Na-bi's role, a student at Hongseo University's Sculpture Department. Although she doesn't believe in love due to her past, she still wants to go out on dates. However, she has sworn never to fall in love again. Han So-hee has acted in a range of series such as 'Money Flower', '100 Days My Prince' and 'Abyss'. Her most popular character might be Yeo Da-kyung in the smash-hit drama 'The World of the Married'.



Song Kang
Song Kang plays Park Jae-eon, a student at Hongseo University who is in the Sculpture Department. Jae-eon doesn't care for relationships but enjoys flirting and treats love like a game, never revealing his true emotions. Song Kang is an actor who has acted in series such as 'The Liar and His Lover, 'Man in the Kitchen', 'Touch Your Heart', 'When the Devil Calls Your Name', 'Love Alarm', 'Sweet Home' and 'Navillera'.



Chae Jong-hyeop
Chae Jong-hyeop plays Yang Do-hyeok, Na-bi's childhood friend who runs a popular cooking show on YouTube. He considers Na-bi to be his first love. His works include 'The Witch's Diner', 'Sisyphus: The Myth' and 'Hot Stove League'.



Lee Yeol-eum 
Lee Yeol-eum plays Yoon Seol-ah, who is Jae-eon's middle school classmate and his ex-girlfriend. She has acted in a range of series such as 'Touch', 'Queen: Love and War', 'Jang-Geum, Oh My Grandma', 'My First Love' and 'Monster'. She has also acted in the movie, 'King'.



Yang Hye-ji 
Yang Hye-ji plays Oh Bit-na, Na-bi's best friend. She has worked on series such as 'Live On', 'When the Weather is Fine', 'Failing in Love', 'Big Issue' and 'The Rich Son'.




Kim Ga-ram is the director of 'Nevertheless'. Jung Won serves as the writer of the series.



After a passionate encounter in a club, Yoo Na-bi finds that she is interested in Park Jae-eon, although she doesn't believe in love -- she just wants to go out on dates. For Park Jae-eon, he is not a fan of the concept of relationships; he'd much rather get close to people without any added pressures of labels and titles. For the two of them, the idea of love isn't one they believe in or so they think. 


The caption shared with the video reads, 'The intoxicating charm of a flirtatious art school classmate pulls a reluctant love cynic into a friends-with-benefits relationship.'



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