Netflix 'Into the Night' Season 3: Release date and spoilers for Belgian thriller

The cliffhanger ending suggested there will be a season 3 that will explain the loose ends of the second installment

                            Netflix 'Into the Night' Season 3: Release date and spoilers for Belgian thriller
A still from 'Into the Night' Season 2 (Netflix)

This article contains spoilers for 'Into the Night' Season 2

Netflix's 'Into the Night' Season 2 was every bit gripping as the first one. The miniseries comprising of six episodes picked up from where it left off in season 1 and didn't miss a beat. It was all there —the pacy storyline, tightly woven narrative, in-depth fleshing out of the characters, and suspense.

The cliffhanger ending suggested there will be a season 3 that would explain the untied threads in the second installment. Here's everything you need to know about season 3, and while you wait, have a look at these series as well: 'Who Killed Sara?', ‘Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes’, and 'Dark'.



Netflix 'Into the Night' Season 2: Release date, spoilers and all about Belgian drama

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Release date

There is currently no update as to when season 3 of 'Into the Night' drops on Netflix. However, we do feel that like its predecessors, it will be another six-episode affair and will most likely release in 2021. The latest season along with season 1 is available to stream on Netflix. 


(i) Zara and Dominik die in season 2

The mother and son duo who were slated to fly to Moscow in season 1 for his kid's operation kick the bucket in the first episode of season 2. They get trapped in the generator room of the bunker, and despite the remaining members' desperate attempts to break them free, the door refuses to budge and the two die tragically due to the extreme heat in the bunker. It is later revealed that Markus was instructed to slam the door when Zara and Dominik enter the room by mistake.


A still from 'Into the Night' Season 2

(ii) Rik makes the supreme sacrifice

Known to be cowardly, Rik finally makes the supreme sacrifice in a show of bravery as he rams a fuel truck right into the military who chase him and Sylvie along with Horst, Lauren, and Ines who escape the bunker to head to Norway. Sylvie steals the Russian chopper at the bunker and Rik buys them time by crashing into the military jeep as they make their escape.


(iii) The other band of survivors are stuck in Iceland

The seed vault in Iceland comes in as good news, but with a mentally ill Gia refusing to head back and smashing the cockpit, the band of survivors have no way out. The submarine that's shown in the final episode still keeps the crew's details in the dark. For now, their return seems bleak. 



These original cast members are returning for the third season. Pauline Etienne will reprise the role of Sylvie Dubois once again while Lauren Capelluto will be back as Mathieu Douek. Mehmet Kurtulus too will return as Ayaz Kobanbay and he will be joined by the likes of Babetida Sadjo (Laura Djalo), Alba Gaia Bellugi (Ines Melanie Ricci), and Vincent Londez (Horst Baudin).




Based on Jacek Dukaj’s novel ‘The Old Axoloti’, the series is developed by Jason George for Netflix. Dukaj, George, Tomasz Baginski, and DJ Talbot serve as executive producers on the show, and will most likely return. 



There is no trailer available at the moment. However, watch this space for more updates. 

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