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WayV Kun confirms a 2022 comeback, fans hope Lucas returns saying, 'or else I'm leaving this sh*t'

After Kun, Hendery, Ten, and more WayV members confirmed a 2022 comeback for NCT subunit, fans anticipate Lucas ending his hiatus with the new release
Fans manifest an OT7 with Lucas's comeback as leader Kun and other WayV members hint at a 2022 comeback (@WayV_official/Twitter)
Fans manifest an OT7 with Lucas's comeback as leader Kun and other WayV members hint at a 2022 comeback (@WayV_official/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: If there is one SM Entertainment boy group that has not had any activities over the last year and a half it is the Chinese subunit of NCT, WayV. Ever since WayV's Lucas was embroiled in a gaslighting controversy around his personal life, the active NCT, WayV, and SuperM member, Lucas went on an indefinite hiatus while other members of the boy group focussed on their solo schedules.

With their last comeback as a group being 'Kick Back' which was released in March of 2021, fans are eagerly waiting for the septet to come back as a whole and it looks like that may be happening soon. Back in April, WayV's Ten hinted that the boy group would be coming back with a new release this year but there has been no official update yet. Looks like a lot of things have changed between April and September as NCTzens (fans of NCT) are now excited that WayV members themselves have started teasing each other as they hint at a new comeback for 2022. 


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WayV members hint at a 2022 comeback

On September 16, a fan account on Twitter posted a thread from recent instances where the members of WayV started openly discussing their upcoming comeback. With WayV's leader, Kun himself talking about the upcoming comeback, fans have started growing hopeful. The user said, "WayZenNis are sure @WayV_official’s album is ‘closer than we think’ as the members continuously tease the upcoming comeback." Not only that but Kun also shared that the boy group was going to make a comeback as early as the final half of 2022 during a video call. With these hints, fans of WayV have started manifesting a full group comeback hoping that Lucas too will end his hiatus finally. 




'Please include Lucas too'

With the news of the comeback, fans have started anticipating an OT7 comeback with all seven members of NCT. One fan said, "Manifesting WayV comeback with proper promo and all 7 members." One more fan said, "WAIT WAYV’S REALLY HAVING A COMEBACK? LUCAS BETTER BE INCLUDED ISTG." Another fan hoped, "Hope this wayv comeback will put an end to Lucas's hiatus or else I'm leaving this s**t." One fan said, "LET’S GO KUN GO GET THAT WAYV COMEBACK!!" One more fan said, "Wayv comeback? please include lucas please im begging for my life."

Another fan said, "THE WAYV COMEBACK IS NOT A FIGMENT OF OUR IMAGINATION ANYMORE." One more fan said, "After a 1.5 year long drought and countless “we will be backs”… finally being presented wih substantial proof that a wayv comeback is ACTUALLY insight is f**king surreal." Another fan said, "I'm hoping this WayV comeback to be a full group comeback with all the 7 of them, otherwise why would the comeback be postponed for over a year if not to comeback with everyone? if it was to comeback with 5 or 6 members they had plenty of time to do it."

One more fan said, "Kun saying that the title track of this new album is very good, but all of wayv's title tracks are good. He said that this time they tried many new and different styles that they hadn't tried before and that they haven't finished recording the album yet. WAYV COMEBACK IS REAL." One fan said, "Wayv comeback is happening. Lets manifest ot7." Another fan said, "No bcs for ten to say that wayv's upcoming comeback concept is 'amazing' just means that it really is AMAZING. knowing how creative and a genius ten is, he surely has HIGH standards for the arts. in conclusion, wayv's comeback is gonna be THAT comeback."












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