Is Lucas joining SMTOWN Suwon concert? Fans want answers as NCT follows his Instagram

Is Lucas joining SMTOWN Suwon concert? Fans want answers as NCT follows his Instagram
Lucas has been on hiatus since August 2021 (@NCTsmtown/Twitter)

SUWON, SOUTH KOREA: Just a day before the SMTOWN Live concert at Suwon, NCT’s official Instagram account ended up following all of the members’ individual accounts. This also included Lucas whose future in the K-pop group is uncertain. While the idol had debuted with NCT U and is a full-time member of the Chinese sub-unit WayV, he has been on hiatus for a year. Back in August 2021, Lucas was involved in a dating scandal with four alleged ex-girlfriends claiming he had gaslit them, manipulated them, cheated on them, and used them for their money.

While SM and Lucas did not deny or accept the rumor, they simply apologized and the idol went on hiatus. However, there have been several rumors that he is making a comeback with no actual results which have NCTzens (NCT’s fandom) frustrated. We first had several of the WayV members hinting that Lucas was still part of the group. Fans also allegedly spotted him with other NCT members while a leaked report claims that Lucas’ canceled sub-unit single ‘Jalapeno’ will finally be released. And with rumors that he is joining NCT at the SMTOWN Live Suwon concert, fans want answers from SM.

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NCT follows Lucas’ Instagram

On August 19, during the soundcheck for the SMTOWN Suwon concert, a photo of Xiaojun, Raiden, and an unnamed NCT member was posted on Instagram. The photo captioned both NCT and WayV making fans think that the third hand belonged to Lucas. Well, NCTzens attending the soundcheck later clarified that the special guest was new NCT member Sungchan. On the setlist, next to WayV’s group performance, it also states that only five members will be performing which means no Lucas or Winwin who is in China. Well, fans are tired of making theories and wondering why NCT’s Instagram followed Lucas.


One fan tweeted, “Sm getting omn lowkey, if they don’t release a statement soon ima be so mad.” Another fan reasoned, “If they could even follow lucas ain't it pretty damn clear that the whole scandal crap is sus like antis yall have brains?¿.” One NCTzen hoped, “Sm is testing the waters again by following "lucas" from NCT's main acc. Guys try to give as much as positive feedback in insta/twt so they will bring him back soon. The more positive feedback, the faster he'll cb. Flood NCT's cmnt section will LUCAS ! Trend him on twt!” Another fan was positive, “His comeback is sooner than we all think!!!”





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