Chenle injures ankle before NCT Dream comeback, fans hope ‘he won’t push himself’

Chenle injures ankle before NCT Dream comeback, fans hope ‘he won’t push himself’
NCT Dream are set to come back with their second album 'Glitch Mode' (@NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter)

After breaking records and becoming the youngest K-pop act to become a triple-million seller, NCT Dream is back again with their second album ‘Glitch Mode’. And expectations are high from fans hyping up the concept photos to getting the pre-orders to 360k immediately. Unfortunately, on March 16, SM Entertainment shared that Chenle had been hurt which has fans shocked.

On the K-pop platform Lysn, a staff member of NCT Dream updated fans that Chenle had injured his left ankle. They shared that he was receiving treatment for it while also preparing for the group’s comeback. They added that they want Chenle to focus on recovering but he is adamant about meeting fans and joining the members while promoting so they decided to compromise.

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Chenle wants to participate in comeback

The staff member said, “Chenle plans to participate in NCT Dream’s schedules without being too unreasonable. However, we ask for your understanding in advance that performances with excessive movement on stage are difficult.” Hence, Chenle will be sitting out of such performances. The NCT Dream star himself came online to assure fans that he was alright. Chenle added that the rest of the group members were taking care of him as Mark cooked for him while Jeno pushed his wheelchair.


‘I hope he prioritizes his health’

But fans are worried for Chenle and hope that he doesn’t exert himself too much. One NCTzen tweeted, “We wish chenle a speed recovery and hopefully he won't push himself too much.” Another fan posted, “One of the things that most of the members expressed in their beautiful moments videos was that everyone would be healthy and have no injuries…😭I know this has to suck for Chenle especially during a comeback but I hope he prioritizes his health.”



One shared, “Hope that chenle has some help at home since he lives alone and he usually takes daegal for little walks and other things he could need.” Another NCTzen said, “Get well soon, lele. Dw us lilsuns will be waiting until ur return!” One added, “It must be hard for him since he really want to participate in the comeback. I hope he won't push himself too hard 😭 speedy recovery daegal's appa.” Another commented, “Get well soon, chenle :( praying for your fast recovery.”





One fan tweeted, “Uri lele :( our hardworking baby still wants to be part of all this so he’s still participating but Zhong Chenle PLEASE if it’s too difficult you better rest ok 😠😠😠 love you.” Another posted, “I'm so sad and worried. chenle was so excited for this comeback and he's always expressed how much he wanted to perform in face to face concerts. they have a pre-recording w fans in a few days and now despite his injury he still insisted to meet fans and attend their activities.”



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