'Love Note': NCT Doyoung to star in web drama and fans can't keep calm

'Love Note': NCT Doyoung to star in web drama and fans can't keep calm
NCT's Doyoung lands his second K-drama role with web-drama 'Love Note' (@do0_nct/Instagram)

NCT members are currently very active on social media as the group released its second full group album with 21 members participating in the comeback. With the release of NCT ‘Universe’, the boy group has already broken multiple charting as well as sales records over the last few weeks. As they continue to do so, member Doyoung is doing quite well in terms of his solo acting projects as well.

After landing the main role in the third season of the K-drama series ‘Midnight Cafe’, NCT's Doyoung has been approached for a new K-drama role as of December 17, 2021. It was announced that Kim Dongyoung aka Doyoung was going to be a part of an upcoming web drama that will probably be released in 2022.


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Doyoung to star in ‘Love Note’

SM Entertainment, the agency that manages the activities of NCT members, revealed that Doyoung had received the offer to star in the web drama ‘Love Note’ and the team is positively considering the opportunity. It was also revealed that the story of the drama derives its origin from the same concept of the popular Japanese manga ‘Death Note’. ‘Love Note’ shows the journey of people who can make others fall in love with them by merely writing that person’s name in their Love Note journal.

More details about the drama are yet to be revealed but fans must note that ‘Love Note’ starring Doyoung of NCT will be produced by Park Sang-hyuk of the hit TVING-original variety series 'Transfer Dating' while Go Jae-hong who directed 'It's Okay To Be Sensitive 2' will be in charge of the show's direction. Ahead of this, in 2021 itself, Doyoung started his acting career with the third season of the MBC drama ‘Midnight Cafe Season 3: The Curious Stalker’ after which Doyoung also received favorable reviews for his singing and acting skills in the recently released musical 'Marie Antoinette'.


NCT members as actors

A few members of the group NCT are branching out into acting roles as members like Jaemin and Jaehyun alongside Doyoung have all been a part of different acting projects. NCT’s Jaemin has appeared for a cameo appearance on the 2018 web drama ‘A-teen’ before making his acting debut with the 2019 web drama ‘Method to Hate You’ (aka ‘How To Hate You’). Doyoung himself was first a part of the 2021 MBC drama ‘Cafe Midnight Season 2: Hip Up! Hit Up!’ for a cameo appearance and then bagged the lead role in its third season ‘Cafe Midnight Season 3: The Curious Stalker’ where he played the character of Son Jiwoo.

Jaehyun on the other hand is finding a lot of bad-luck revolving around his K-drama appearances as the singer first landed the main lead role in the web drama ‘Dear.M’ which had to be pushed back and finally stopped from releasing at all due to the involvement of another cast-member in a school-bullying scandal. Fans of Jaehyun were hopeful when it was announced that the idol would assume the role of a student in the K-drama remake of 2000’s famous LGBT+ film ‘Bungee Jumping of Their Own’ but a few weeks ago it was announced that the drama was canceled because the makers of the original film did not want the project to be remade.


Actor Doyoung is back

Fans gladly welcome the NCT member back as an actor after he charmed fans at the 2021 AAA by winning many compliments for his acting performance. One fan said, "Actor doyoung is gonna be in another web drama called love note. i’m so excited!" One fan noted, "Cafe Midnight (February 2021) ➡️ Marie Anyoinette (July 2021 - September 2021) 🔜 Love Note (2022). Actor Doyoung" One fan stated, "ACTOR DOYOUNG IS BACK." 

One more fan said, "OMGGGG ACTOR DOYOUNG IS BACKKKK." Another fan said, "Wow actor doyoung is back!" Another fan exclaimed, "Yeayyy actor doyoung is back." One more fan said, "CAFE MIDNIGHT, MARIE ANYOINETTE THEN SOON "LOVE NOTE" ;) ACTOR KIM DOYOUNG IN A WEB DRAMA AGAIN!!! LEZGOOO!" One fan joked, "doyoung on love note be like:"









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