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NCT 127 '2 Baddies': Release date, tracklist and all about the 'fast and furious' comeback

NCT 127 returns almost after a year with their fourth studio album '2 Baddies'
NCT 127 for the '2 Baddies' concept (@NCTsmtown_127/Twitter)
NCT 127 for the '2 Baddies' concept (@NCTsmtown_127/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: NCT 127 is finally returning with their fourth studio album '2 Baddies'. The boy group's last comeback had been the best-selling 'Sticker' and its repackaged version 'Favorite'. They had made over 3.5 million sales making it the best-selling album by an act under SM Entertainment. It was followed by their second world tour 'Neo City: The Link' which is still ongoing as they recently performed in Manila and announced the US leg of the tour.

2022 has been a busy year for the boys despite '2 Baddies' being their first comeback of the year. We got group as well as solo activities with members like Doyoung, Jaehyun and Yuta going into acting. Johnny turned heads by becoming the most talked about male celebrity at the Met Gala 2022 while Mark made his solo debut through NCT Lab. '2 Baddies' will be released almost a year after 'Sticker' which got them their highest entry on Billboard 200 as it peaked at #3. Well, here's everything we know about their upcoming album.


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NCT 127 for the '2 Baddies' concept (@NCTsmtown_127/Twitter)
NCT 127 for the '2 Baddies' concept (@NCTsmtown_127/Twitter)

Release date

NCT 127's '2 Baddies' will be released on September 16 at 1 pm KST (12 am ET).

Where to listen

NCT 127's fourth studio album will be available on all music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more. Pre-orders have begun and fans can either get their album copy from the official SM Global Shop store or other official retailers.


NCT 127 will be having a comeback showcase on September 16 at 8 pm KST (7 am ET). It will be live-streamed as well. Fans can buy the in-person tickets from Yes24 which will go on sale from September 13 at 8 pm KST (7 am ET) onwards. The online tickets are available on Beyond LIVE.

NCT 127 for the '2 Baddies' concept (@NCTsmtown_127/Twitter)
NCT 127 for the '2 Baddies' concept (@NCTsmtown_127/Twitter)


1. 'Faster'
2. '2 Baddies' - Title track
3. 'Time Lapse'
4. 'Crash Landing'
5. 'Designer'
6. 'Gold Dust'
7. 'Black Clouds'
8. 'Playback'
9. 'Tasty'
10. 'Vitamin'
11. 'LOL (Laugh-Out-Loud)'
12. '1, 2, 7 (Time Stops)'

The title track is of the same name as the album name -- '2 Baddies' and is a powerful hip hop song with dance elements and a catchy synth sound that meshes with the group's energetic vocals. With a strong performance, the boys sing about positively racing through life with success being their end destination. Taeyong and Mark have written their rap for 'Time Lapse' and 'Designer'. 'Time Lapse' is a sentimental R&B track about longing for a lover.

'Designer' is a hip hop with R&B sounds with witty lyrics about becoming a designer to make their lover even more beautiful. 'Crash Landing' is an experimental R&B ballad while 'Tasty' is a dark song. 'Vitamin' and 'LOL' are cheerful tracks while '1, 2', 7' is reminiscent of early 2000s pop songs.

NCT 127 for the '2 Baddies' concept (@NCTsmtown_127/Twitter)
NCT 127 for the '2 Baddies' concept (@NCTsmtown_127/Twitter)


NCT 127 has two concepts for this album -- '2 Baddies' and 'Faster'. In the '2 Baddies' version, we get a racing concept as the boys opt for hip streetwear outfits and pose against a dismantled sports car. The 'Faster' version is colorful as NCT 127 look like they are ready to go on vacation in bright casual outfits while posing in a vintage-styled living room.

NCT 127 for the 'Faster' concept (@NCTsmtown_127/Twitter)
NCT 127 for the 'Faster' concept (@NCTsmtown_127/Twitter)

Music video teasers

NCT 127 released a mood sampler where the boys are surrounded by dismantled sports cars while a hip-hop instrumental plays in the back. In the 'Neo Seoul Video' trailer, the group is partying in a club while we get DJ Johnny.




Excited fans made tweets like, "This is really nct 127 fast and furious era." Another shared, "Since nct 127 is coming back with racing concept, let me bring back my nct 127 tokyo drift i made earlier this year." One fan posted, "A cohesive stylish concept, real dismantled car, real sports cars, the cho giseok collection, yoon jiyong photography… the real nct127 is back i fear." Another joked, "Maybe the real 2 baddies are the friends we made along the way."





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