Feds tear gas 'Antifa' activists in Portland, Internet says protest 'looks exactly like the ones under Trump'

Federal agents use tear gas and smoke bombs after alleged Antifa protesters set fire outside a couthouse

                            Feds tear gas 'Antifa' activists in Portland, Internet says protest 'looks exactly like the ones under Trump'
Fed agents tear gassed protest site in Portland (Twitter/@hungrybowtie)

On Thursday, March 11, alleged Antifa protesters outside a boarded-up courthouse in Portland, Oregon set the American flag on fire and clashed with the cops as a result of which federal agents ended up shooting tear gas at the protesters. Dozens of the protesters gathered outside the courthouse for a demonstration against Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

This is the same courthouse that had sustained major damages during protests last summer and was hence boarded with plywood. However, a video that had been shared on Twitter features how the remaining panes of windows were smashed on Thursday night. 


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The protesters had set fire to the plywood that was outside the boarded-up courthouse and federal agents used smoke bombs and tear gas to push the protesters back towards a park. According to reports, earlier in the day, protesters had also tried to break into a Chase Bank but a security guard had pulled a gun on the protesters.

People gather in protest in front of the Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse (Getty Images)

Local reporter Garrison Davis shared videos from the protest and wrote "Downtown Portland at the federal courthouse, anti DHS/ICE and #StopLine3 protesters gather. A few of the remaining uncovered windows have been broken. An American flag burns in front of the door."

In a thread, he further revealed, "The glass door gets smashed and DHS agents unload pepper balls into the crowd," and added "After trying to extinguish the fire DHS agents headed back into the building. The fire grows once again." He also shared a video of "Federal agents marching through downtown Portland".




Since the videos of the protest went viral on Twitter, many have observed how the reaction of the federal agents to the protest is not much different from how they had responded during the Trump administration. One user wrote, "I think we're much of the same opinion. I didn't expect anything other than the reversal of Trump's worst policies (mostly in immigration) and maintenance of the status quo. Lo and behold, the protests that happened tonight in Portland looked exactly like the ones under Trump."


Another user shared, "What is known as "HC Smoke" was used in Downtown Portland by DHS & ICE officers during a protest outside of the Federal Courthouse. This smoke has chemicals linked to many health issues that Portland people have been feeling the side effects of. #portland #munitions #hcsmoke."


A Twitter user shared, "they rather call the republican protest an insurrection but when it's month of Burning looting and murdering they all encourage it , Antifa/BLM EVEN took control of a sector of portland , they even burn a federal building guess they could nuke they own country they don't care."


The Portland Police tweeted about the unrest and said, "We are aware of events planned tomorrow and this weekend in which people plan to gather and demonstrate. Demonstration Liaison Officers (DLOs) are available to work with community members organizing these events. DLOs may be contacted at [email protected]"


They had added, "DLOs work with event organizers to better ensure a safe environment for event participants and non-participating community members."

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