Namoo Actors agency confirms ex-April member Naeun as their new artist, fans say 'she's back'

Namoo Actors agency confirms ex-April member Naeun as their new artist, fans say 'she's back'
Former April member Lee Naeun signs an exclusive contract with Namoo Actors agency for her future activities as an actress (DSP Media)

It seems like after months of deliberation and back and forth, former April member Lee Naeun finally has a new label to call home ever since the disbandment of the girl group. Ever since Naeun was embroiled in a school bullying scandal where it was first alleged that Naeun bullied a classmate. But as of January this year, the former girl group member was cleared of all charges after the accuser apologized and revealed that the scandal was made up. The accuser also shared a handwritten apology with Naeun but it seems like the damage to her reputation had already been done.

Naeun was dropped out of her acting projects while the group suffered other allegations from former member Hyunjoo at the same time. April members suffered harshly after the allegations as the girl group from DSP Media. Soon after Naeun was proven innocent, April announced their disbandment on January 28 this year. As all members of the former girl group moved on to newer projects, Naeun decided that she wanted to give her dream of acting another shot and started looking for acting agencies for her to work as an actress.


DSP Media announces April's disbandment day after merger with RBW Entertainment

Months after April's disbandment, Chaekyung announces her exit from DSP Media


Naeun officially joins Namoo Actors

In April 2022, it was announced that Naeun was in talks with the acting label, Namoo Actors, which is also home to actors like Song Kang, Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, Ko Woo-rim, Chae Bin, Lee Joon-gi, Oh Seung-hoon, Park Eun-bin and Roh Jeong-eui among others. While many rumors suggested that Naeun was soon going to be a part of the label, nothing certain could be said until any official news about the signing was released.

On June 2, a representative from Namoo Actors agency confirmed that they had indeed signed Naeun as their newest actress. The representative stated, “It is true that Lee Na-eun has signed an exclusive contract with Namoo Actors.” Naeun made her acting debut in 2017 with a cameo in ‘My Father is Strange’, two years after debuting with April. She was also seen in dramas like ‘Modulove’, ‘A-Teen’, ‘A-Teen 2’, and ‘Extraordinary You’.


‘She’s back!’

Fans have been extremely impressed by the news of Naeun singing with a well-reputed agency for her future acting activities. One fan said,”Lee naeun signed with namoo actors ! Actress lee naeun is coming yall!!” One more fan said, “SUPPORT LEE NAEUN NOW MORE THAN EVER. CONGRATS FOR JOINING NAMOO ACTORS.” One more fan said, “Lee Naeun Namoo Actors ooooooo y’all better be ready.”

One fan said, “I expected the contract article to appear today, but it's true. Naeun-ah fighting.” Another fan said, “That tree (namoo) actor that has all the prominent actors... Naeun-i class, who goes to a large agency at once, a dream no one can ever dream of.” One fan joked, “Someone else could never!!!! LETS GOOOO BABY.” Another fan said, “She’s back.”









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