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APRIL's Naeun bullying controversy: Accuser apologizes, fans say 'damage has been done'

The accuser admitted that the allegations were all made up and has submitted an apology letter to Naeun
Naeun lost gigs and went into hiatus for a year due to the bullying allegations (@betterlee_0824/Instagram)
Naeun lost gigs and went into hiatus for a year due to the bullying allegations (@betterlee_0824/Instagram)

2022 truly seems to be a new year. More and more idols are finally getting cleared of their bullying rumors which had cropped up in early 2021. With school bullying being extremely violent in South Korea, trolls decided to systematically target several K-pop idols with allegations. While many could immediately prove that they were fake, some idols took longer to gather proof as many of the accusers were allegedly friends and had exaggerated a friendly spat into school bullying. We are finally getting an update on such cases with Apink’s Chorong, Everglow’s Aisha, and now APRIL’s Naeun being cleared.

Popular girl group APRIL has been having a tough time since 2021. Along with Naeun’s bullying allegations, there were claims that the group as a whole had bullied a former member, Lee Hyunjoo. The members lost several gigs, got immense hate, and lost many fans as well. But with fans claiming to find loopholes in Hyunjoo’s allegations, the general public is once again warming up to APRIL. And now we have a confirmed update on Naeun’s individual bullying case.

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APRIL’s Naeun innocent

It looks like out of the several idols targeted in 2021, Naeun is innocent. On January 7, 2022, APRIL’s label DSP Media released a statement concluding the bullying investigation. They shared that the accuser had admitted that her allegations were all made up and had submitted an apology letter to Naeun. The label shared that they had filed a lawsuit and the police had found the accuser guilty of defamation through false rumors.

After being forwarded to the prosecutor, the accuser reached out to Naeun, apologized, and shared that they would be deeply reflecting on their actions. DSP said in a statement, “As a result, Lee Naeun has decided to accept 'A's apology and will be dropping the defamation charges against the accuser.” However, they shared that they would take legal action against any future activities involving malicious and fake rumors. The accuser shared that they were lonely and jealous of Naeun who was always lively and surrounded by friends. They added, “I know that even though she settled with me, my mistake does not disappear. Through this matter I have realized that a small lie can cause huge harm. I’m sorry.”

'Y’all seriously done her wrong'

Relieved fans made posts like, “I cry right now finally.” An angry fan shared, “Why is it always an apology and they are let off the hook. These ppl need to learn a less and get real punishments. They almost ruined the person, their family, and their friend's reputation and career.” A happy fan commented, “Naeun comeback era coming.” Another posted, “I feel so bad for her, she hasn’t been active for almost a whole year.🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ y’all seriously done her wrongggg.” One added, “The damage has been done, to her, to her family and friends and co-members. Their apology means s**t now. Could've done that a long time ago. They shouldn't even have done that in the first place. I wish them the worst karma in 2022.”






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