Naeun not part of Apink's comeback after 2 years, fans blame YG

Naeun had previously assured fans that she would be part of Apink despite being under a different agency

                            Naeun not part of Apink's comeback after 2 years, fans blame YG
Naeun will be missing from comeback promotions of Apink's 10th-anniversary album (@official.apink2011, @marcellasne_/Instagram)

Fans everywhere were disheartened when Son Naeun revealed that she would not be renewing her contract with Play M, the label to her group Apink. However, she had promised fans that she would still be a part of the group. But after joining her new label YG Entertainment, it seems that she had been left out of a lot of group activities. She was also missing from the birthday celebrations of group member Bomi in August 2021. However, we got a mini-reunion of sorts when she was included in the group’s video celebrating Chuseok.

It seemed that 2022 would get better with all six members participating in Apink’s comebacks and promotions. Furthermore, with Play M merging with Cre.ker to form the new agency – IST Entertainment, fans thought that the days of OT5 content would be over. At the end of December, it was revealed that Apink was planning a comeback with all of the members, which means even Naeun would be present. This would be their first comeback in almost 2 years since their last album release was in April 2020.

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Naeun to skip most of the comeback promotions

The girls’ new label, IST Entertainment assured fans that Naeun would be part of the upcoming album and that she was also working on it with the rest of the Apink members. But on January 17, fans got some disappointing news. It seems that Naeun will not fully be a part of the comeback. The label shared that to accommodate all six members in the album release especially since it is their 10th-anniversary album, they had tried to adjust everyone's schedules. Unfortunately, due to a sudden change, Naeun would only be able to make it for the album jacket photoshoot and music video filming. For the rest of the promotional activities, she will not be present.

After the overwhelming disappointed response from fans, YG Entertainment has released a statement. They shared that Naeun had conflicting schedules because of the next project she was planning to take on and was under discussion. The idol has signed with YG as an actress and renewed her acting career as seen with the ongoing K-drama 'Ghost Doctor'. Well, due to scheduling issues, she will not be able to participate in all of the promotional activities planned. However, "she is asking that fans send their greatest encouragements to the members."


'She misses performing with Apink'

Some upset fans made tweets like, “Apink promotes just for a week anyway . YG you could have been a little understanding,” and “Knew they were gonna hold her hostage.” Another fan added, “How do you explain this ist!?!? she misses performing with apink and you just took that chance from her.” One Panda shared, “Never doubt the love and affection she has for both apink and fans she has always been so proud for the group and i’m so sad and upset she has to go through so much for something she can’t really control i love you @Apinksne and i will always stand by you.” Another fan was angry, “Yg mf didn't let naeun join the apink activities for this comeback bcs of a drama/project that is currently UNDER DISCUSSION???????” One joked, “Apink distracting the security at the yg building so naeun can sneak out for the comeback.”