Did Erik Lake get a nose job? Truth behind wild rumors as 'MAFS' fans share before and after photos

The 'MAFS' star is hardly recognizable in these photos

                            Did Erik Lake get a nose job? Truth behind wild rumors as 'MAFS' fans share before and after photos
Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake from 'Married at First Sight' (@mafslifetime/ Instagram)

Going under the knife is a relatively common occurrence. It's hard to think of a celebrity or TV personality who hasn't had any work done and cosmetic surgery has become commonplace for people who aren't celebs either.

While there is nothing inherently shocking about altering one's features for medical or personal reasons, the before and after pictures usually pack quite a shock factor, seeing that people don't usually expect such a drastic change. Especially if you're familiar with the 'after' version -- the 'before' can come as quite a surprise. But as mentioned before, not all plastic surgery is for cosmetic reasons, it can be for medical reasons too. And by the looks of it, the 'Married at First Sight' fans are currently debating which category does Season 12's Erik Lake fall under.

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 In a Reddit thread posted by u/Alalated, the Redditor points out Lake's rather drastic nose job -- it's safe to say that he's definitely had some work done. Lake who is a commercial pilot previously served in the US Air Force.

Erik Lake (u/Alalated, Reddit)

As per fans on the thread, Military personnel are covered when it comes to surgery if required. A fan pointed out that the reality star likely got rhinoplasty to fix a deviated septum or at least citied the same. The common consensus by fans, however, was that Lake looked much better in the previous photos. Fans also pointed out that he's possibly gotten veneers on his teeth as well. For those wondering, dental veneers are tooth-colored casing shells made from porcelain or resin-composite and are attached to the teeth to improve the overall appearance of a person's smile or mouth. 

As reported by SoapDirt, the pilot did look much different around the time he was his wife's age, roughly 10 years ago and the proof is the before and after photos. Lake has definitely gotten some work. Interestingly enough, this isn't the first time this couple has been questioned about their looks, seeing that fans relentlessly dragged Lake's wife, Coombs, on her wedding day for her choice of purple eyeshadow. The scrutiny might not last much longer, seeing that the pair do have quite an age gap and are now learning that they want different things from their marriage.

While Coombs doesn't mind talking about having kids, she doesn't see herself having any before the age of 28, while for Lake, not wanting children is a deal-breaker, neither does he want to wait until he's near his 40s to have children. Seeing that they both can't quite agree when it comes to this, their future together looks rather bleak, for now.

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