Who is Murda Mook? Internet rejoices as rapper wins caffeine fan vote over Geechi Gotti

Who is Murda Mook? Internet rejoices as rapper wins caffeine fan vote over Geechi Gotti
Rapper Murda (L) Mook has defeated Geechi Gotti (R) in the caffeine fan vote by 59 percent votes (Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Electus Digital/WatchLOUD and Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Rapper Murda Mook has won the caffeine fan vote over Geechi Gotti. Mook won by 59 percent votes. Caffeine is known to be a social broadcasting platform for live competitions. According to its website, "Caffeine is an independent social broadcasting platform for live competitions and related streams with a community of culture, sports, and music fans." The website adds, "he creator, the product, and the community. This is our heart and soul."

Ultimate Rap League (URL) returned to New York’s Irving Plaza, which is a historic venue for battle rap, for the first time since 2016. The announcement about their return came as a surprise to the battle rap community. The event went down on November 6. 


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Harlem legend Mook, who battled at home in New York, had not been seen on the URL stage since last summer. The three-time Champion of the Year, Compton’s Geechi Gotti, is on a run of legendary battles. 


Who is Murda Mook?

Murda Mook, whose real name is John Ancrum, is a veteran of East-Coast street rap battles. Considered a legend for the primary era of battle rap, Mook is a founding member of the Harlem-based rap group Dot Mob, consisting of Mook, his cousin T-Rex, and Dutch Brown, affiliated with A&R Louie Da 13th. 

Mook started his career as a battle rapper and faced famed Harlem rappers such as T-Rex and Loaded Lux. His breakthrough performance was popularly featured on a 2002 S.M.A.C.K. DVD against Jae Millz. Later, he also faced stars like Party Arty, Serius Jones, and Philly-native Young Hot in 2008. His debut album, named 'Murder He Wrote', was released under Black Face Ent. back in 2007. Since then, Mook has been featured on various New York mixtapes.

Fans rejoiced as Mook defeated Gotti, with one user writing on Twitter, "Geechi Gotti vs Murda Mook Mook just stole performance of the night from Kyd Slade. Even with the slip ups aside, i don’t think Geechi woulda had enough for Mook tonight. A couple dry spots for both but still dope. Murda Mook with the gentleman’s 30". Another user commented, "Murda Mook beat Lux, beat Geechi… I guess he really is the GOAT, took out the top dog of the old school and new school eras (even though Lux got him the first time)".



"The crowd gas was real but you gotta hand it to Mook. Takes a strategic writer to use the NY crowd the way he did. Same thing Geechi did to Lux," one user said, while another wrote, "Bro That was the BEST Murda Mook performance that I ever seen He went crazy, yes he had NY premium gas but he still was wilding Geechi was going crazy too, he just need to stop caring about the crowd and just RAP." "Mook did what I thought he couldn’t, damn near perfect performance, salute to him," one user said.




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