Ultimate Rap League's NOME X battle sees MC Daylyt trend with fire rap, Internet says 'Day is not human'

Ultimate Rap League's NOME X battle sees MC Daylyt trend with fire rap, Internet says 'Day is not human'
Daylyt (Craig Barritt/Getty Images)

The Ultimate Rap League hosted the NOME X rap battle on Saturday, July 11. Kicking off at 5 pm EST, NOME X (aka Night of Main Events) was aired live and free on Caffeine.

The event saw some of the top MCs competing for their place in battle rap history. "Rap's biggest live event," as described on Caffeine's website, featured fire performances from Daylyt, Loaded Lux and more. See the full list of the contenders below. 

NOME X has been equally firing up Twitter as fans have been reacting to their favorite battles. "Shoutout to @urltv and @caffeine that shit was dope #NOMEX," said a fan in appreciation of the event. Fans have all picked their favorite MC already. One fan shared some of the words from Loaded Lux's rap such as "You making money don't make you a man. You could have millions and your spirit be broke. But n****s'll know. When this same old crip you n****s thought was Rainbow 6. Turns out to be Tekashi at the end of the road" as he faced Tsu Surf.

Another quoted rap was for Geechi Gotti who faced Aye Verb: "Most these battle n****s nerds. Get punched and kicked til ya face planted on the curb. Stompin on Verb. Give a whole new meaning to standing on my word."

Many fans were blown away by Daylyt's rap. "Yo!!!! @daylyt30 LEFT FREAKING EARTH!!! HIS RAPPING ABILITY IS BANANAS!!!!  salute to @urltv for putting on!!!!! #NOMEX" said a fan while another wrote, "Daylyt vs Tay Roc, battle of the year contender! Day is not human, it's an unfair advantage. Big ups to Tay for keeping up (or at least trying to), showed why he was the face of URL. He held his own, but it just wasn't enough. Overall, the culture won."

Another comment included, "I love how you could see them growing respect for each other during the battle." One fan stood by Mike P in his comment: "HOW TF WAS Roc vs Daylyt and Verb vs Geechi both clearly better than Surf vs Lux shitttttt Mike P did better than Surf and Lux if we being honest #NOMEX."

Featured MCs

Loaded Lux vs Tsu Surf
Daylyt vs Tay Roc
Geechi Gotti vs Aye Verb
John John Da Don vs Ill Will
Mike P vs Th3 Saga
Jey The Nitewing vs Fonz

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