NXT or Murda, who won URL SMACK rap battle? Fans say 'Murda should've rapped better'

Both NXT and Murda brought their A-game to the URL SMACK rap battle over the weekend and fans were loving it

                            NXT or Murda, who won URL SMACK rap battle? Fans say 'Murda should've rapped better'
Battle rappers NXT and Murda (Twitter @Nxt_Bst_Thng1)

Battle rap is easily one of the cruelest and meanest sub-genres of hip-hop and the participants never draw a line when they go for the face-off. The same happened when the much-awaited rap battle went down between NXT and Murda.

As a part of the URL (Ultimate Rap League) SMACK along with the brand Caffeine, battle rappers NXT and Murda faced each other and they were soon trending on Twitter as a lot of social media users picked their favourite and debated over who won the coveted showdown. Speaking of rap battles, Verzuz is another contest that got famous in 2020 where fans enjoyed the battles between Timbaland and Swizz Beatz, Redman and Method Man, SWV and Xscape along with Raekwon and Ghostface Killah

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Who won between NXT and Murda?

The Ultimate Rap League commonly referred to as SMACK/URL is a battle rap league based out of New York City owned by acclaimed hip hop promoter Troy "Smack White" Mitchell, Eric Beasley, Street Star Norbes and Jean "Cheeko" French from Queens, New York City. Acclaimed artistes namely Sean Combs, Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip, Joe Budden, Cassidy, King Los, Beanie Sigel, Jay-Z, Funkmaster Flex, Kid Capri, Bow Wow, Jadakiss, Lupe Fiasco and French Montana among several others have extended their support to the battle league on different occasions.

Speaking of the latest match between NXT and Murda, both the battle rappers brought their A-game to the match over the weekend as they spit their bars in three rounds each. Both the hip-hop artistes are known for their stage presence and even though a winner is never announced, it is the fans who who take the final call. Apart from NXT and Murda, the URL also held matches such as Danny Myers vs Shotgun Suge, Quest MCODY vs Nunn Nun, Prep vs Drugz and Danja Zone vs Prez Mafia. The battle was streamed live on the official website of Caffeine.


‘I know Murda losing, but I like his style better’

As soon as the epic showdown between NXT and Murda went down, a lot of battle rap fans thronged to Twitter to express their opinion on the same. One user stated, “I know murda losing, but I like his style better.” Another shared, “Murda got presence enough to stay booked. He isnt winning this fight tho.” Whereas, another individual tweeted, “NXT vs Murda - It was ight NXT was getting gassed heavy & Murda was stumbling. NUNN NUNN vs QUEST - classic battle.”
The next one stated, “There was no gas for NXT. Murda should've rapped better tbh. It's a crowd, they gonna react how they react. They gave Murda some pity noise, be happy with that.” One posted, “I like NXT performance today. Murda is nice but it’s damn near a carbon copy Twork.” One user concluded, “Murda to season for Nxt. I been watching Murda since pit fight battles. This why I got Murda winning.”








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