Will Caro Viehweg join 'Ex on the Beach'? 'Love Island' star Ray Gantt's entry sparks rumors

'Love Island' star Ray Gantt will be a part of MTV's 'Ex on the Beach' Season 5 and it will be interesting if Caro made an appearance too

                            Will Caro Viehweg join 'Ex on the Beach'? 'Love Island' star Ray Gantt's entry sparks rumors
Caroline Viehweg and Raymond Gantt starred on 'Love Island' (Instagram)

Those who follow ‘Love Island’ religiously know the kind of genuine relationship Raymond Gantt and Caroline Viehweg had in Season 1. Caro’s time on the show was really intriguing and she was touted as a player considering the number of guys she was trying to be with. However, things changed when Ray entered the show and we saw Caro finally settling down with one guy.

Caro and Ray developed a strong relationship as the show progressed and they quickly became one of the most loved couples on the show. The chemistry between them was really strong and it was really refreshing for fans to watch a couple crossing all the obstacles that came their way. However, their relationship ended after the show came to a conclusion.


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There is no bad blood between them, but it seems things are about to get really spicy. It has been revealed that Ray will be a part of MTV’s reality dating show ‘Ex on the Beach’. The New Jersey-based really TV star will be hoping to find someone on the show in the same way he found Caro on ‘Love Island USA’.

Raymond Gantt and Caroline Viehweg in 'Love Island' (CBS)

For the uninitiated, ‘Ex on the Beach’ is a show where 10 singles (who are former reality television stars) arrive on a beach in Miami to find someone special. However, they don’t know their summer vacation is set to come crashing down as their exes turn up at the same place. The show is all about rekindling your relationship or getting some revenge.

The show’s format has made everyone believe that Caro will also be making an entry on the show and it will be interesting to see how they confront each other after their separation. Before digging deeper, let’s take a look at why the couple broke up.

Caro felt Ray wasn’t 'committed'

Caro publicly announced their separation in a YouTube video and revealed that they are not together. In July 2019, the reality TV star noted that Ray wasn’t as committed to the relationship like she was and that was the reason she decided to part ways. On the other hand, Ray believed that he was committed to the relationship, but his flourishing social life made Caro uncomfortable. However, he has always reassured everyone that there is no “bad blood” with her and he hopes that one day they will be good friends.


The couple also deleted each other’s pictures from their social media accounts and posted cryptic one-liners on their official Twitter handles. Ray wrote, "I can't afford to be in my feelings at this time in my life, I got shit to do."



Meanwhile, Caro said: "If you are constantly trying to prove your worth, you already forgot your value."

The entire drama made fans believe that his family doesn’t approve of Caro as their son’s partner.


It was really a task for them to continue their relationship even when Ray’s mother publicly slammed Caro for her sexual escapades. When Ray told her that they decided to keep their options open, she responded by saying “Caro” had all her options open.

Will Caro make an appearance on ‘Ex on the Beach’?

As of now, there has been no official announcement of Caro’s involvement in the show. However, it will be really interesting to see both of them together. Even after their breakup, a lot of people don’t know how messy their relationship got at the time. It seems something really unfortunate must have happened that the couple decided to part ways.


Fans always loved how Caro and Ray maintained their relationship on ‘Love Island USA’ and they would love to see them together once again. Ray has always been in awe of Caro, but we don’t how Caro feels about Ray after the breakup. Their participation in the show will be really good for the show because ‘Love Island’ fans absolutely adore them and they will surely tune in to watch ‘Ex on the Beach’.

Caro has always been flirty and knows what she wants. Meanwhile, Ray is an extrovert and makes friends really easy. Their participation would only make things exciting as the former couple might try some ways to get back together or they might do something so audacious that their relationship is ruined forever. I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to see reality TV stars feeling awkward as their exes pop up as they enjoy a perfect summer vacation.

As of now, her involvement is still speculation, but fans are seriously hoping to see her back on the show. The release date for Season 5 of 'Ex on the Beach' hasn't been announced as of yet. The show was delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

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